Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preparations (Japanese sewing)

We are in the thick of Autumn and Winter is just around the corner. Evenings are chillier and she really needs a jacket. I bought some nice black jacketing fabric from my local store just for this project.

I decided to research a lot more on translating the Japanese text before embarking on another 'too long, too short, not big enough' Japanese garment for Little Miss.
I found some more translations on the web including a new one on Flickr.
If you Google Japanese sewing terms you'll see it.
So I sat with 4 different papers and tried to find as many as I could recognise. Not an easy or fast task but I did find some new ones which I'd never seen before (as above).

See the above chart which I found in the Sewing Notes of my Japanese pattern book (Sassy Girls).
The first text translates to Height and next to it is 90 (cms)
The next row is for bust, then waist and hip measurement.
This was tricky with a wriggly 2.5yr old but I managed without strangling her with my tape. I jotted down her measurements in my sewing notebook.
I refered to the chart... 100cms was closest to her measurements.

The above picture was then translated as well. It refers to the pattern pieces for her jacket and the placement on the fabric, ready for cutting.

Note to self:
*remember to add 2cm seam allowance at the bottom of front, back and sleeve pieces.
*add 1cm seam allowance for the rest of the pattern pieces except collar and side of the interfacing piece for the jacket.

Mother's Day is coming up. I don't get breakfast in bed, I normally don't get a present but I get lots of love from my family and we have a big lunch at the in-laws with the other mothers.
I think after bearing him 2 children, with one on the way, hubby decided it was time to 'thank me' for making his dreams come true.

This year he has treated me to a Janome Overlocker! Actually I told him I wanted one and I didn't have to twist his arm or any other part of his body that would have made his decision easier. It should be arriving end of this week or beginning of next. I am sooooo excited but also scared as I have no idea how to use it. I think I will use it for her jacket though. Can't wait!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disappointment and Happiness?

I traced out a pattern, was ready to cut out and sew and then...
BAM... realisation...not enough material. Arghhhhhhhh. Nooooooooooo.
When I started sewing I use to only buy 2mtrs worth of fabric. 1mtr would be enough to make the kids something but I had only ever needed 1.5 - 2mtrs.
Now that I endeavour dresses, tunic tops etc. it hadn't dawned on me that I might need more
fabric. So my stash is insufficient for this period in my life.
Which brings me to my next photo.
My tummy at 13weeks. I can still sort of button up my jeans but after a while it gets uncomfortable. My little man was curious about the flashing light and beeping as I waited for the 10sec count down on the camera.
I'm also really enjoying our fresh roses from the front yard.

It's dreary, rainy and really windy outside right now.
Time to think about sewing up a winter coat for Little Miss.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sewing itch...

I'm pretty excited. I purchased this Kristen Doran Sling Bag pattern from Kelani Fabric Obsession.
I've been looking for the perfect bag to make which would also be affordable.
I really love sling bags because I can drape them over my shoulder and push the pram.
I think my sewing bug is coming back. I spent some time making up a skirt for Little Miss using some old broadcloth just to test the pattern. I am really sick of the Japanese patterns coming out too small for her. I'm pretty happy with the alterations. Once I make it up in the beige corduroy I will post it.
I have to go now. I am tired. The Little Boy screamed for 20mins at 4am. After some panadol, a warm blanket and milk he finally stopped screaming. Phew. For all of us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Tote


I know it's been a long while and I finally decided to try to get my sewing/crafting groove back.
Seeing as it's Easter time I decided that Little Miss would need a little tote to 'tote' around the many easter eggs that she'll be recieving tomorrow.

I really liked the idea of rabbits. Then I remembered that Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson had a great little bunny doll quilt. She also had a great applique tute taht featured on Sew Mama Sew.
I printed out the applique templates, cut them out and tried to gather the appropriate materials from my stash. I have a very, let's say... eccletic material stash where I have a mish mash of colours, textures and whatever took my fancy that day. I almost gave up in dismay until I found spare wool material for the rabbit body.

You know me, I like shortcuts. I didn't cut out the bodice or undies for the rabbit. I wished I would have at least cut out the bodice cos the gap betwen the jacket and skirt is evident. I will have to maybe add something there in it's place.

The applique'ing part was fairly fun for a first-timer. I would recommend sewing the stitches so that no material pokes out the sides so you don't get a frayed look on it's edges.

Anyway, it turned out pretty nice. I'll have to make another one for my nephew otherwise there'll be screaming, tugging and crying. I think I will make a big Easter Egg one as it is for a boy.

Hope you all have a great Easter and enjoy the time you have with your family.