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Little Girls Dress

Yippee, I finally finished the dress for Little Miss M. Thanks for those suggestions Jade. It's my first go with stripes and pleats ; ) Boy was it rather annoying trying to make everything match up. I'm surprised it came out as almost neatly as it did. It has a cotton lining which is why it looks a bit bulky but I wanted her to wear it during the cooler months over a skivvy and leggings.

She loved modelling it for me. I love watching her twirling around in it. She's so girly and my heart flutters with joy knowing that she is enjoying it. I hope it brings her nice childhood memories like clothes should.

Beautiful Childrens Clothes

There is something wonderful about beautiful fabrics that make up childrens clothes. The moment I lay eyes on a pretty dress my insides get all "sunny", my eyes open wide and my brain starts to tingle with excitement. I came upon an on-line shop called Flour Clothing which makes really unique children's clothes that you will just love. I am inspired... yet again... ahhhh.

Invisible zipper foot - Birch

I thought I might shed some light on the invisible zipper foot. I bought a Birch model from Spotlight and it came in a little plastic bag with four blue shanks and a rolling foot.

First I removed the standard foot from my Janome sewing machine (Sewist 521). I realised I still needed to remove the shank, which is the part that is screwed on, and holds the interchangeable feet. So with one hand holding the screwdriver and one hand holding my daughter, who just had to watch, it popped out disappeared somewhere. NO! I was about to kick myself but luckily I found it in the basket underneath my table. Phew.

The Birch invisible zipper foot comes with one shank already in place so you know how it's suppose to fit. You have to select the correct shank that fits your machine and slide it onto the foot piece.

I just tried each blue part on my machine and made sure it was wide enough to cover the metal leg bit and that I could fit the screw in it's side. Once you find the correct shank slide…

Butterfly Cushion

Yippeee. I finished my cushion.

It's left over butterfly material of a maternity top I made last year. I put in an invisible zip. Thanks to Colette's tutorial on invisible zips I managed to fit the zipper foot and it worked like magic! See... you can teach an old dog new tricks, hee hee.

Japanese Sewing Book

I did it! I did it! My gosh I bought it! I bought a Japanese Sewing Book from I've been dying to get some inspiration from patterns and finally after a night of scouring on-line stores and checking out other blogs I made my decision. My book should arrive some time early July and I just can't wait. I guess it will give me time to buy materials which isn't a bad thing. As soon as I saw her face I knew it was the book to buy. She reminds me of my little one.
Oh and thanks to Jade for suggestion I make this top from the fabric in the below post. She's so talented. Will do my best Jade. Oh so many projects to start... I'm tickled pink.

what to make of it...

so... I have this material that I bought a while ago from Spotlight. I was going to make pj pants for my little girl - miss 21mths going on 5 - but it's too pretty for pants and I don't think the stripes will look nice on pants.
any ideas?... anyone?... someone?...

I've asked Jade who has inspired me from her Blog to suggest something for me to make. A pretty top perhaps?

Once I get a pattern I will have a go so watch this space...

keeping sane...

Ok, I finally got my butt into gear and I've decided to start my own blog.

The reasons I started this blog are (in no particular order) :
to share my crafting/sewing ideas and creations (albeit slow and sparse)share other links which have inspired mehope to inspire others who are sahm, or otherwisehopefully keep me sane! (it's a challenge with two kids)help others be better parentsI really hope you enjoy reading and learning.