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My recent trip to the craft store saw me bring home some: zips, ric rac, interlock, buttons and some dye.

I've never ever done any dye-ing before so I read up on a few posts about it. Most of it sounded pretty straight forward. Heat up some water, dissolve the dye and add the fabric. I normally feel very apprehensive before starting anything and therefore procrastinate every single project before I actually get started. This time I thought I'd bite the bullet after a few days of seeing the dye on my table.
Here's what I did with the dye : Rit Dye : Colour Mauve.
I pre-washed her cardigan in warm water and rinsed it in hot (no softener!) Then I dissolved the RIT dye in 2 cups of boiling water into a 2ltr bucket. I added 3/4 cup of salt (it said 1 cup but I was running out) and added 1 tablespoon of Radiant laundry detergent (as per the instructions on the packet).

After more swirling I boiled more hot water and filled up the bucket almost half way. You want the water to cover the it…

Rumpus House

I went into work a few weeks ago and told my boss that I was coming back to work.
He was fine with it as I have made a career out of having my babies and working part-time.
Plus I work in government so they have to allow me back.

I told my team leader that the house is a mess because well, we don't have a Rumpus Room.
"Oh it's a Rumpus House" he said. We laughed as we both have kids and know what it is like.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with the term but a Rumpus room is just for the kids to play and let loose without cluttering up the rest of the house. A Playroom if you will.

So I sat here at my desk with a slightly bashed up laptop thinking about how time slips away most of the day. How my stomach turned at the thought of dealing with people and managers at work again but how lovely it is to bring in some much needed income and have some time away to think about other things than dirty nappies, laundry, cleaning, cooking and dust.
I am currently awaiting an ol…

Better with a flower

While there is about 5 spare minutes in my household I am sharing the almost finished product. This cardigan is based on EZ's February Baby Sweater. It's the cutest design doing the blog round. I am only about 5 yrs behind or something. Anyway, I had a lot of assistance with getting notes for sizing as I made this up to fit my almost 4 yr old. It just fits her with no growing room so Baby J will get a wear out of this next winter at least. It should have had an extra lace repeat across the back for it last through a growth spurt. My Ravelry notes are here. I am saying it's almost finished because I really need to dye this. As per my previous post I had to use a different colour as I couldn't find the same colour when I ran out of yarn. I used almost 4 balls to make this up. There's some left to make cute crochet flowers.
It does look better with a crochet flower though however, I was going to dye this pink so I'll need a crochet flower in it's original colour.