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Funky Fabrix

These are the two fat quarters I bought for bag making. I haven't quite decided what kind of bag to make, just that it needs to be over the shoulder or like a sling type so I have free hands. I can't make up my mind so it will be a while before I decide.Funky Fabrix has a 15% off sale on ebay for the next three days. They have a huge range and they all look sooo delicious. Get in quick!!!OOOOh they also have free postage if you use the coupon on their online store. Brilliant.

Think twice, cut once.

I sit here on a really rainy day with this on my table. It's the start of my wool skirt.

First things first, I must get around to the most important part of my project : the cutting layout of my pattern. Every sewer knows it is crucial to select the correct cutting layout so you have enough material for your pattern. I've discovered that there are terms I either get confused with or don't know while reading my instructions so here's some things I picked up in my journey...

1. Your pattern will include how to layout your material. In most cases I fold my fabric placing the selvages together. The whaaaat you say? The selvages are the woven ends of your fabric where it is uncut. Sometimes there's those dots running along the length of them. Just don't ask me how they got there. Anyhoo, selvages look really neat and you shouldn't use it when you cut your pattern. Now, the cut ends are on my left end and right end and sometimes need to be trimmed straight so they …

I love tote bags

Ever since I've discovered the wide world of blogging I've also discovered some really great looking tote bags. I also like nappy bags like the ones Peta makes. I've always wanted to make one of my own but that's another one of those things on the 'one day I'm gunna' list.
Here's a great set of totes I came upon today by Sugar Shop on Flikr. Another thing to oooh and ahhhh at. Aren't they just lovely... aahhhhh By the way I've stumbled on a fab tutorial on making a tote bag here at Sew Mama Sew. Enjoy.

Turtleneck top

I spent a good hour or so sewing last night and completed the top from my Japanese sewing book. I did make a mistake when interpreting the pattern. I put interfacing where it wasn't needed (but ripped it out) and I did a bit of a terrible job on my last button hole (but you can't really tell... shhhh) but other than that it turned out prettier than I had hoped even if there was a lot to do with the top model that was wearing it, hee hee.
Now all I have to do is source a prettier colour that matches the original picture in my book (which I will order from Tessuti).
On a side note: I did not include a seam allowance when cutting out the pattern as it was meant for children 90cms tall. It fits perfect for my daughter who is 83cms tall. I used a 3/8" s.a when sewing it all together.

So... what do you think? edit: I have now posted some pics of it on Flickr. Please feel free to ask questions etc. I have also posted a pic of a skirt which is my next project.

Specially to ... me

Being a home economist I can't really justify the costs of spending zillions on expensive fabrics (woe is me). I have reserved that privilege specifically for superb quality fabrics that can't be found at Spotlight or various other budget friendly fabric stores and times when it's called for when sewing special items.
So while I am yet to buy proper fabrics I have, however, bought some sunshine in my life, hee hee. Pictures should are (l-r) Fabrics: love hearts, polka-dots, wool/flannel blend, lining. Laces from Kalena's Studio.

Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Ok I had to give it a go. A friend of mine posted this link to Grosgrain for a giveaway and our general love of home sewn clothes. I never win anything but this site is another inspiration too good not to share. I never knew how many SAHM's sew. Sooo interesting.

I really do have to get my butt in gear and stop procrastinating. You are all waiting for my project to finish aren't you... hee hee ; )

Lost... in translation

The Turtleneck Project: Cutting the Pattern
Today I had the time to trace out the patterns that I needed for the turtleneck top. I spread out the massive pattern paper on the kitchen table and stared at it for a good... let's say 10mins. I pondered, I squinted, I sighed, I read what I could and then I actually found what I needed, except for two missing pieces.
Here's what I cut out (the front, back, sleeve and collar) and here is what the book says on the layout for cutting...

After a bit of research I've discovered that I am meant to draw up my own pattern for the cuffs and the waistband. Can you see where there is extra writing under the sleeve block? Well, there are numbers written on it that specify how long and wide to make my new rectangles. I've done them and cut them all out so I guess it's a matter of sewing my pieces together now.

Learning Japanese... sort of

This morning I stumbled upon a wonderful new site that will help me on my journey to sew up clothes from my Japanese book. I've been clicking here and there and it was like God was watching over me and sent this site my way. It's just what I needed.

The site is called label-freeand has a few fabulously talented contributors so there is lots to see and do. There's Japanese crafting, general clothes making... to be honest I haven't had time just yet to browse everything, having small children means it will take me at least a week before I get anything started. But you get my drift... the site is just fantastic and will take you to many places. I am just so excited that there is a section about Japanese books and crafting. If I can't make it then I will just have to live it vicariously... there's nothing wrong with that...

Japanese Book Part 2

Hurrah! My book has arrived and I have no idea where to start. Here are some of the pics from inside which I just lovelove love. I've been reading it in bed when the kids are asleep. The instructions seem quite easy to understand even if they are written in Japanese. I must print out the translations later on today and start jotting notes. So... I have in my stash for these projects some grey jersey knit, cornflower blue cotton with white spots... just to name the starters. I have also ordered some crochet lace on Etsy from Kalena's Studio. Ahhh I can breathe a little easier now. Now, if I could only just get some child and baby free time.