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Last Minute Gifting

Today I finished wrapping up my gifts using last years Xmas paper. However, I decided to wrap my niece's present using this lovely fabric instead.
I used the The Purl Bee's tutorial . It took me about 15mins all up and I used some twill ribbon that comes with the fabric I buy on-line. I think it looks really cute and special.

Oh how I loveChristmas time. I probably won't be back until after Christmas so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year holiday! Thanks for all your lovely comments. I read every one of them with glee and I am always so happy to see that I have new followers. I hope that next year I have more time to dedicate to sewing and inspiring others however that may be. Cheers, Kim xOx

Amy Butler Birdie Sling #2

Hurrah, I've finished the bag I keep talking about! It's a special bag for a special sister who is always there when you need her. While my littlest one quietly slept nearby in the afternoon and my other two were soooo bored they fell asleep watching t.v. I worked as quickly as I could to finish this. At the start I was sewing with a baby in my lap! The body of the bag is Michael Miller Paula Prass Summer Soiree Black Nosegay. The band and handles is Moda Basic Grey #30168 and lining is Cherry Blossom by Chris Chun. I can't remember what the pocket fabric is, will have to check the selvedge if you're interested. Here is the bag all sewn up and pulled inside out. That was the fun part. Then squishing the lining back inside the bag was good too. As you can see I added a long pocket as a drink bottle holder cos she likes to go to the gym. I also inserted a zipper (not seen) on the larger pocket on the other side. AND I inserted a magnetic clasp just for good measure. You can see…

Shiny... Happy

Finally, our tree is up. This years theme was pastel pink, aqua and silver.

New bargain shoes for myself while I was Christmas shopping.

New mug for my morning tea that always makes me happy.
It also comes with a ceramic lid because you know it's not unusual to have cold tea around here.

Hope your weekend is as good as mine.

Slowly but surely

This week I took joy in seeing the beauty of nature. These are the tops off strawberries and they were so beautiful I had to take a snap shot. I had some other capsicum top lovelies too but they are uploaded by nephews who have loaned my camera on another machine. Grrrrrrrrr. Are you all busy making your Christmas presents? I made a start on the Amy Butler Sling today. Don't know when it will get done but I will aim to have it done by mid next week??? Things have been crazy around here. I've seen three dr's about Little J as she has constant unsettled periods in the late afternoon/evening. It's driving us mad. Everything seems so much worse when there is crying. They all don't think it's reflux and the last dr just said "She's colicky" That's it. Colic. I've decided not to fight against the wills of God and just take each day as it comes. I shall be a stronger person for it, yes? She's on Infacol and I might try Infants Friend as many mothers hav…