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Learning from experiences

I feel the need to share with you lessons learned during my end of year shopping season. As with the coming of Christmas we all can get caught up in the frenzy of shopping like mad and buying all sorts of things. Some things we will keep and other things we buy them and think to ourselves that "oh I'll just return it if it doesn't fit.' 
Well, a big caveat emptor - let the buyer beware! (I learned this phrase in high school Commerce)  you may have a big surprise when there's a hiccup on a return. So I bought a shirt from Guess on boxing day thinking I could return it if it didn't fit my hubby. I checked the terms and conditions of the website and it meant that I had to return it within 7 days, as it was a sale item. So, off I went with my receipt three days later to the store. It wasn't an issue. I put in my pin for the same credit card I used and when she asked if I wanted the receipt, I said no because we were in a rush and I could see the paper ran out…
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Happy New Year! 2019

Happy New Year my Internet friends! Man, I think 2018 just, like, tried to kill me. Lol Is anyone with me on this? It was tough. There were many changes and challenges and I hope 2019 will go a bit easier on me. The kids finished up school a week earlier than the public schools so they had to fend for themselves for a few days at home.

Christmas was lovely and finally the hot summer kicked in down here. I mean we had above 30 degrees Celsius most of the time. We had a few storms and a few areas had power outages which lasted a few days! I don't think I could survive a power outage. So much food though. The weight that I lost at the end of the year came back and found me! Ha ha ha.
We took the kids to midnight mass. Hubby is really getting into all things catholic. It actually starts at 11pm but we got there by 10.30pm for seating. The kids did so well considering how late it was and waiting for mass to start. At least they got to sleep in on Christmas morning. They get to open a …

The journey so far

Hello everyone! I've reached the end of the 12week transformation journey. I don't like the word *diet* so I'm calling it a transformation journey. My motto is "It's not about the destination, it's all about the journey".

So how do I feel? Well, I feel pretty good. I wanted this to be sustainable and close to the reality of my life. I stopped drinking shakes and eating protein bars probably after a few months in. That's not to say that doing these things will not work for you. I mean, they were working for me but I felt that I wanted to just adjust what I was eating and wanted to eat things that were not processed and did not include too many *other* ingredients. It's not easy I will say honestly. It requires planning which I kind of sucked at. Sometimes the e-mails from BodyTrim would go straight to my spam folder so I never got to see them and I was relying on myself for motivation and advice.

I would speak to others who were on their own trans…

Hello Spring!

Last week I was in the city doing some ITIL training. Urghh it was very dry material. Last time I did probably was around 10 years ago. So some of it at least made sense to me. It involved going to Central and being nice and high in the sky again. I did enjoy being away from the office but I did not enjoy the studying part. The trainer wanted us to study 3hrs per night. Oh my, little does he know the life I live with children! Anyway, I would read my hand-book on the train to and from home and studied for a few hours after dinner, amongst my chores. On the third day we revised and sat the exam after lunch. The pass mark is around 60%, I got 85%. I felt so good after but we were all stressed out right before the exam. I even felt as though I didn't answer all the questions correctly.
The other good thing was being so close to Market City (in the pic) so I got to shop during lunch, which my friend found quite funny!
My first-born turned (16) ahem! 12. She's 12 and quite mature …

Making Healthy changes with BodyTrim

So here's the story of my life: I have been pretty busy working full time and dealing with everyday stresses (insert four primary aged kids here). My weight goes up and down and I try every now and again to 'diet'. I don't follow any particular diet fad but I wish I had enough willpower to change my habits. I wished that I had more time to look after my health and body basically. I seemed to have a bad habit of forever snacking at my desk and it's been affecting my waistline. My low point recently was not being able to fit into an evening dress for a christening. It's just an awful feeling but I got over it after thankfully finding a less fitted dress.
 My general daily cycling to and from work has seemed to assist in keeping extra weight from piling on but my weight loss seems to have stalled. Maybe I have hit a plateau? I've never been big on any fad diets but as they say " A summer body starts in Winter!" so when Bodytrim asked if I'd like…

Accepting the days

Another year older and I'm beginning to think that with old(er) age comes injuries. I happen to be cleaning all day when my neck started to hurt. I thought it was only mild and could be massaged away but it got progressively worse and the gp said it was a common neck strain. I don't recall doing anything in particular but I bought my pain medication and stayed home. That night was rather uncomfortable and turning in bed was painful. I foolishly went to work the next day thinking that I could bear the pain and discovered that taking codeine during work hours makes for a terribly sleepy experience. Anyway, it seems to be getting better day by day as last night's sleep wasn't as bad and I rode the bike in. I got sick of the stress of having to drop off the kids and then trying to get to the car park only to find out that there are no spots left. 
At least the sun is out and it's not raining. Winter has set in but it's actually not bad... yet.
Over the weekend we …

Post Easter

Happy Easter everyone and especially the Orthodox who will be celebrating it this weekend! Wow, it always goes so quickly but it's always the best time of the year. We had a really nice Easter and I even got to do a reading at church for Palm Sunday. At least I fit into a nice 'church' dress that I hardly ever wear. I don't have any pictures of it though. It was from Target. 

This year I really was thinking about donuts and got the recipe ready but come Saturday I was like, I have no time or energy for this. I must have done about 4 loads of washing and was exhausted. So I was like, let's just make brownies. So I cheated and got two boxes of triple-choc brownie mix from Aldi and wow, they got eaten up within 5 minutes when dessert was ready. They were really good!!!

On Monday, as hubby was working, I had a swim day with my sisters and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The weather was so warm and by afternoon quite hot. We washed up and headed out to a cafe f…