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The Gold Coast Holiday

Let me tell you that this was the first family holiday we have had which included hubby. He normally stays behind (by choice) when I holiday with my sisters and mum. However, this family holiday was so different because we were in another state and he was with us. Plus, it was the first time the kids were on a plane. Yipppeee! I was a bit nervous about all my plans but in the end they worked out perfectly. 
Above is the glorious Surfers Paradise. The tallest building in this pic would be Peppers Resort. We did not stay there. We stayed in Hope Island. It was only 7 mins drive to the theme parks and Coles was just a heartbeat away so we loved the location. The 3 bedroom apartment I chose at Azzura Greens was fabulous.! Two bedrooms with ensuites, one master bathroom, one single toilet, lovely clean laundry and huge balconies. Air-conditioning! Loved the lay out of the kitchen and lounge area. For six nights it cost us $2,200. I book through I always do. This …
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Happy New Year 2018

I may have to span our holidays over to another post but here are some pics so far. Oh and Happy New Year to all! It's been a fantastic break if I must say so myself! Above is the cake I put together during Christmas as my son celebrated his birthday. It's actually a very lazy way to prepare a cake. I bought some Woolworth's cake, smooshed icing all around it with choc sprinkles and added these Star Wars figures on top. It was a bit fancy in real life, lol.

 My sister made these dessert cups for mums place for Christmas dinner. Yummo! In my tummy!

 My sister's infamous salmon avocado bites, now into cups. So delish. I'll share the recipe soon!

Christmas Day also saw this awesome arrival of this jumping castle. Much fun was had by all ages including getting grandmother on it (however she did not jump). Kids had a blast and well worth the money spent on entertainment. We were off to the Gold Coast last week and had the best family holiday. I had booked this a few mo…

That time of the year!

It's that time of year when there are concerts and parties. This year was the first time I had the girls doing dancing so there was plenty happening and it was new territory for me. At least the costumes were already purchased and all I needed to do was hair and makeup and of course, the drop-offs. Yesterday was concert day and it was a busy day for us. I had to drop them off after church, but not until I got another hair donut as the sock one was not working at all. Then I came back to have lunch at the in-laws. Then after the break, I had to pick them up at 2:15pm and I was already running late. I missed a phone call from the parent helper, who was minding the children, at 2:27pm and I had just made it from the car park upstairs in the club. Apparently, I was the last parent to pick up their kid my girl tells me. Then it was a line up to order pizza and the essential "afternoon coffee" and whilst I was there I could see other mums putting on their girls make-up. I fel…

What to do when you are disappointed

Hello everyone. This week's been going pretty good. I think I need to remember to focus on the positive things instead of thinking about the negative stuff. I'm loving this painting and I have it on my mobile as my background wallpaper. It was originally painted by Roberto Ferruzzi and called "Madonnina" in 1897. It was somehow re-painted but I think it's really lovely. My friend has the same in a huge frame at her place. It reminds me that we are all like Mary and that our children will always need us. It is a unique relationship that cannot be replicated by a father figure and the opposite is the same. The mother cannot be the 'father'.  So I go about my day trying to behave just as caring and kind as I can to everyone. It's not easy and I was disappointed a few times this week. 
A school who would normally provide my St Vincent de Paul Conference Christmas Hampers have decided to raise funds for another charity that they work with. I don't hav…

Spring in the air

We celebrated a birthday in October and I made this lemon yoghurt bundt from Donna Hay. It was beautiful and came out really well the first time. I enjoyed it so much I made it again.
However, the second time I kinda winged it with the ingredients I had at home. I didn't have enough lemons and the icing wasn't as thick as I used different measurements. Still it was lovely but although a bit dry after a few days in the fridge. Anyway, it's a great recipe if you stick to the measurements! I love how it doesn't use any butter, just flour, oil and eggs.

During the holidays we all went to Kidtopia. Kids had fun. We thought were weren't going to be on time for the Pokemon hunt but they were just about to leave when we arrived. Kids had fun but I was disappointed that we didn't get to keep those Pokeballs *insert sad face* Food was expensive but we got free face painting from Essential Kids which was so awesome! The Qantas Assure arena was ok. Although to get freebies…

Next round of school holidays

Well, there's two weeks left of school. That's 16 days away, but who's counting? I've been getting e-mails about the Kidtopia Festival and I decided to bite the bullet and buy tickets for the kids because, well, they're going to nag me about doing something, anything! 
Right now tickets are on sale for only $10 per kid and $15 for an adult so that's good value. I did not buy ride tickets though. My kids are not into rides and it's pricey for me, even at the discounted $25 unlimited per child. We may just do a few rides on the day depending on how we feel.
Kidtopia is held over three days in October (6-8) and is jam packed with fun. There's live music, theatre, circus and fabulous food. There's Masterclasses as well if that is your fancy. There's Littletopia for the littlies. Free face painting. There's market stalls and if you want to finish the day off with a movie you can do that as well. See the full-list here:…

Winning Moves Game Day

During the holidays we were invited to the Winning Moves Head Quarters to try out some new games they have ready to hit the shelves for kids. It was a rainy day but we got there in time and we were all excited to start playing! We usually like to play Monopoly or Connect 4 at home but we were in the mood for something new.
Here is Mia playing the Crazy Cubes game. Crazy Cubes come in two different styles - Disney Princesses or Marvel Avengers (shown below). The aim of the game was to be the first to match 5 cubes in a row on your side whilst knocking out the cube affecting your opponent. This was fun for Elijah too and he won one game. The great thing is that this also folds up into a small compartment and can be easily transported to different places. It will even fit in a nappy bag or tote bag!

We also received some Top Trump Cards to take home and I found they are really fun to play as a family (yes, even during breakfast!). We got the Top Trumps Animals cards so all the questions…