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Lots of things in my head

This week I've collected lots of little things which means lots of things on my to-do list. I picked-up the last edition of Good Taste magazine because it had this yummy looking cake which means I'll be making this for my girl who's turning 7 this Father's Day.
I picked this camelia flower and put it in a small jar to keep me happy. I can't wait til Spring so we can have more flowers in the house and yard.

I recieved this really lovely letter from Jodi from Chi and Fidel who posted me a pattern for knitting a toddler vest after I spied her comment from Corrie's blog and had the nerve to ask for the pattern. She was lovely enough to send me, a total stranger, the pattern. The note and pattern even smell divine. Oh bless her. Thankyou soooo much Jodi. I will be putting this on the needles and hopefully will finish it by next Winter. I am a terrible procrastinator.

I made some scones with the rest of the Laucke box for the hungry pack and we enjoyed it although I…

Sewing, Cooking, Reading

This is my finished Tova top. I like it. BUT it's a size large and it is too big on me. I will have to cut out a medium next and I'll be trying a dress length. We'll see how that goes. It was fun to put together but I'm not sure this is a colour for me.
 I'm pretty sure I didn't understand how to do the collar so I'll be carefully seeking out tutorials for how it's properly done. I think I even did the cuffs wrong but they both look fine. I shall bestow this to my sister who will probably (hopefully) like the gift.

 Scholastic have sent us some books which the kids have definately loved. I'll be reviewing some of them in the next post. It's funny because we recognise some of the titles from their school book club so it's a real treat to have a copy at home. So far, I'm really loving The Big Beet by Lynn Ward. The kids really enjoy it too. The illustrations are great and the story is fun.
 Here are the younger two with Possum Magic - An…