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Shopping skills

Before I do grocery shopping I like to have a bit of a browse. Most times I have a list of things on my Text/Memo app on my phone which I need to buy from the shops. It helps as I tend to forget lots of things and I get so annoyed the moment I remember what it was at home. The other day I popped into Kmart and picked up these melamine bowls for the kids at $6 - set of 4. We had a set but some of them got thrown around and they broke so here are the replacements. I love these as they are the perfect size for their meals.
The other thing on my list was a little shoulder bag. However, Equip were having a 30% off sale on their Ruby and Kit backpacks. I couldn't decide amongst the range of colours and designs on the backpacks. The lovely sales lady helped me and in the end the deciding question was "Do you want two pockets or just the one at the front?"

So I opted for one of the older style backpacks and saved myself an extra $6 so this one was just $24. Very cool budgeting …

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Thanks for entering my GLAD giveaway everyone. I know there were a lot of page hits but you have to be in it to win it so please don't be shy and leave a comment for the next one. What  have you got to lose? So the winner, by Random Number Generator, is #4: Bec Macguire. Send me your address and we'll get your goody bag out to you. Enjoy!

Anyway, onto the rest of the week. I started off this week with Ash Monday or Clean Monday as it is also called. I went to mass and got my ashes and felt the holy spirit during mass. I listened to the priest and prayed that I would be a better person. I am going to hold back when I want to scream at the kids (sooo very very hard) and I hope that I can make a difference in my life because I change the bad things about myself.
I'm back at work now so when I am at home it's pretty full-on. Chores, chores, chores and a teeny bit of time to myself. Everything will work out if you ask God to help you and if you leave it up to God's wil…

New Look 6931 - Kids PJ Shorts

I like Saturdays. I want to call them Sewing Saturdays because it's the only time I leave half the chores undone and I grab a pattern and sew away while the baby is asleep. Well, he's not so much of a baby as a destructive toddler tornado but while he is in the cot I can carry on with most things as the other kids don't make too much mess. The youngest girl ran out of sleep-time shorts. To be quite honest, she never really ran out as much as mummy ran out of time to pack away laundry in the wardrobe. I don't see why it's such a big deal (daddy) as the baskets of clothes are clean. You know what I mean, ladies? So I took out my only kids pj pattern: New Look 6931. It's pretty ok. I've only ever used the pants pattern. No, I lie/forget. I made the baby a singlet top which I haven't posted about yet. Moving on, I traced the pattern and cut them out last night using knit fabric I have my my stash. I think I was going to make myself a few tops/singlets but …

GLAD Masterclass and Awesome Giveaway!

Hello everyone. I hope you've had great holidays and are now excited to have the kids back at school. I know I certainly am! During the holidays I treated the kids (and myself) to a GLAD Sandwich Masterclass at Food, Wine and Design in Leichardt. I thought it would be a great experience as I was finding making their lunches a challenge and if they could get involved then it would be less stressful for me.

Another woman who knows the challenges mothers face getting their kids to eat well is chef and mother of two, Rebecca Perry. Having run her own kids’ cooking classes at Food Wine and Design for years, Perry knows that the way to achieve this is to think outside the box to get them involved and excited about food. Perry has come up with some fun sandwiches for GLAD inspired by the things that capture kids’ imaginations. We were so excited once we got there and settled ourselves at our table with other nice ladies. Rebecca showed us how she made her sandwiches. Michael was totally h…