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Giveaway: Dolce or Birdie Clutch.

I've been sewing this week and it feels really good.
First up I finally made some pillowcases for our new pillows.

They were made in Marilyn Grey Dolce by Tanya Whelan. I really love the colour and I am glad I didn't add a cuff to them. They are simple and great just the way they are. I just added a white linen to the underside and put in a small cuff to close up the side opening.

Then I made my first purse/pouch/clutch thingy using the Noodlehead tutorial.
It's got a gathered front and you just sew on a band on top. I did learn a few things and as easy as they were meant to be they still took me a day to finish up the way I liked. These are going to be perfect for stashing some tissues in my handbag and my phone which I can never find when it rings.
The first I made using a Windham fabric called Full Bloom. The one above is Dolce as well. They both have a charcoal linen main fabric.
I broke two needles in the process, yes two!
One of them hit the metal piece of the zipper and the…

My Creative Space

I held my breath and ... I cut into it!
Dolce by Tanya Whelan has long been a favourite of mine so when I got this Marilyn Grey I knew it was for something very cool.
We bought new pillows so I decided that this fabric would look great as pillow cases.
I was thinking of getting a matching panel for the cases but then when it came in I didn't like the way it looked if I were to make a cuff for it.
I can't wait to get them finished and have only cut out the pieces.

In other news I made these yummy Mars Bar Slicesfor a party.
They were a huge hit (even if I used dark chocolate for the topping, hence the milk chocolate lattices I piped on top).

I also made my favourite and very easy Beef Stir-fry with Hokkien noodle.
I recieved lovely comments about this too.
I think people believe that Asian people are born with stir-fry skills but seriously you can learn it very easily. The method is to brown your meat first in hot oil in batches.
Then remove and fry your vegies in a little stock and stea…

Turning Pages

This little darling turned 4 recently. She embraced the world 4 years ago a day before the Father's Day weekend. I remember just wanting her out so I could rest but I never got any! Right now just watching her flourish into a little being feels pretty good and this mothering business is settling in my bones. I love that the cardigan matches her dress and it fits her now since being so-called blocked. She tells everyone that "Mummy knitted this and she dyed it" My heart glows each time I hear the words coming out of her mouth. Speaking of parenting I won a book pack from The Bub Hub by simply writing up a review. I'm so incredibly thrilled! I hope there might be some really good reading coming my way.

This Father's Day weekend was a pretty emotional one. We all went to the cemetary and shed tears for a little angel with her parents. We all went to the airport and I cried when saying farewell to parents-in-law. I think after becoming a mother I am so much more of an emotiona…