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Be Hue to Your School Coat/Dress

What do you think? Does it look a little boxy? I tried it on yesterday and took a few pics. It's a little itchy inside. It just fits me across the chest.

I like the side view. It has tabs on the sleeves so it can be folded up. I like that it's light. Perfect for Autumn/Fall/Spring.
Here's my mother pose. I have tights on underneath.
Would you wear it with jeans? I don't know.
I will wear this when she starts Kindy next week.
Sob. My little girl is reaching a major milestone.

Til then. Be good to yourselves.

Modcloth addict

Wow, the dress arrived yesterday and I love it. It's my favourite dusty pink colour. The jersey knit is really comfy and the medium size was perfect for my 5' 2" frame. The lace is really cute and it will be perfect for a party/dinner occassion. It's not dressy enough for a wedding though but perfect for a pre-wedding party, which, for the Europeans, is typically held for related families a week before the actual wedding and is child-friendly.

This is a better pic of how the bodice fits. It's a bit darker in colour than what you see here. I'm not sure if the lace will fray so I might have to pick up some fray check in the near future. I'm always worried about how I look in dresses (esp. those I've not tried on) but this was really flattering. I've been eating well and even with no exercise my tummy isn't bulging as it use to. Gosh, we're so wicked to our body images aren't we? We all have something we don't like about our bodies. …

Simplicity 3835 Built by Wendy

The pattern that I won arrived from the States yesterday. I was even more excited once I checked up on Flickr already made tops and decided to make a muslin since it would probably require tweaking. Ladies on-line had raved about it including Amanda Soule. I traced out the pieces onto a cheap roll of interfacing I bought from Spotlight. This is a size 12 (the largest available to me) in a white cotton and finished by lunch.
It would have been faster had I not been cleaning up this mess. She loves zinc cream. Fortunately for me it comes off easily using baby wipes and having timber flooring is a must. My 5year old who helped me clean is a blessing. God I loved her as she cleaned up the floor.

Where were we? Oh yeah. The top. It turns out the size 12 just fits. I need a bit more bust room and at the back. The sleeves were ok as well but I'm not a big fan of an elasticised neckline. It reminds me of an art smock. I will have to make it a bit roomier and pick a nice light cotton th…

Into the New Year

I am sad that Christmas and New Years is over as we had lots of fun this season. Above is a really yummy and easy Rocky Road I made using Frys Turkish Delights, rice bubbles, dessicated coconut, marshmallows, milk choc, dark choc and white chocolate for the top. Mmmmmmmm. What was rather cool is that the white chocolate turned out a beige colour because I was too lazy to use another bowl to melt the chocolate so the milk choc coloured the white chocolate as I stirred. It looks really good and tastes even better.

I even did this small piece of sewing. After I saw it on Make it and Love it I knew I had to make my own knit skirt from a spare large mens t-shirt. After not using instructions the first time it didn't work out on the overlocker so I gathered the skirt and then sewed on the waistband using my Janome sewing machine and then overlocked the edges. It turned out fine and it's so soft and comfy. Great for around the home or beach! I think I could even make a few more for…