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It's not so bad: Newlook skirt 6128

Here is the finished NewLook 6128, view B skirt. I did have a few goes at the zipper. At first I didn't know how to do a lapped zipper so I tried the invisible zipper. That was ok until I unpicked a few times and tried it on and then it got stuck and then there was a hole and bit of "how do I get it off?" I managed to wriggle it off and decided to do a normal zipper.
It was easier than I thought (construction wise). The size 10 fits fine but I used a small seam allowance (10mm) instead of the 1.5cms they allow. I read on a site somewhere that if you are unsure about the size, cut out the waistband and see if it fits nicely around you. If not, choose another size. Next time I might go a size 12. It's either that or give up chocolate.
You can't really see the pleats as this denim is quite dark so that's a good thing in my mind. Darker is more slimming as well which I need right now. I might try some of the other views as there's a longer one and one with p…