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Winner and Wool.

The generator has spoken and the winner of the Stuck on You Out and About Pack is..
Ang who said: "Ella's day care teacher only told me about stuck on you last Friday as I have been losing all her things at school :-/
The look great!"

I'll be sending you an e-mail Ang and you can get Ella those much needed stickers!

What else came in the mail this week?
Some Bendigo Woollen Mills Wool in Serenade Platinum. I have the Cassia pattern by Georgie Hallam and bit the bullet as I wanted to start knitting this winter. These balls are really umm... huge... there's no real delicate way to say it. You'll be getting great quality and value if you buy from Bendigo and they sent me some swatch cards to tempt me even more.

Speaking of knitting, I am knitting a school beanie for my Kinder girl. I have been taking her to school (urghh) and it's really cold when you're standing in the playground. I've frogged this about 3 times already but I've settled on maki…

Stuck on You Review and Giveaway!

Sadly, this is my son's current lunch box set. He suffers from second child syndrome.
For my first child, she got a set of new labels for school and it all looks pretty. I have stuck on paper labels for him that are worn out from washing. Lucky for me, ahem, my son has no idea what he is missing out on. I have been umming and arrghing about getting him a set of labels since the first ones I purchased could be pulled off and didn't iron on so well. So, you can imagine how stoked I was the other day when Stuck on You contacted me about reviewing their products.

Jenna suggested the Out and About Pack which was just perfect for us. It includes:
25 x small iron-on clothing labels25 x small name labels10 x shoe dots1 x  500ml BPA free drink bottle It was so much fun choosing the design and they have plenty of fun colours and picture combinations for your little one. I chose the Retro style and I just love it. So vibrant and gorgeous like my son. The stickers are amazing and surpris…

Another Milestone

We hit a milestone this week. This not-so-little cherub turned 1.
I made chocolate mud cupcakes which weren't so muddy but equally soft and delicious. We have been enjoying a bit of sunshine today and we'll be having a bit of family celebrating for him this weekend. I am always so thankful for the love we recieve and the happiness in our lives. Sure, there are days when it's hard and I feel the anger building inside but then the moment passes, we all sleep and get up for the next day. You know how it is.

We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy family and lots of love. Our praying has kept us mostly calm about things and what really is important in life. Not the material things but a bit of this and that does help.

I'm finding more time in the kitchen and cooking from scratch. These chicken spring rolls are totally awesome. We make ours with chicken mince, bean thread vermicelli, grated carrot, soy, oyster sauce, sugar and Masterfoods Honey Soy Marinade. Too ea…