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The Skirt

This is a skirt. That was a pair of jeans. I originally cut it up to make a skirt for my 4yr old but decided it might be too thick for her twirly tastes. So I sewed up the seams and whacked on a stretchy spandex material on top. It's now a maternity skirt.
Don't mind my belly. This is how it looks from the front (duh) I love how the stripes conceal my pot belly.

This is how it looks with a top. My sister is pregnant so I will be making up some more of these for her this summer. So if you don't have plans for some old jeans then this is a good idea. It's a terrific money saver. Here's the tutorial for a maternity skirt.

Another "1"

I can't believe it. She's 1.
It's been a whirlwind of a week/month.
I had no time to make a cake, esp. one that would be big enough to feed a crowd.
So we opted for store bought and we gathered in celebration of this wonderful milestone.

She can't say mummy just yet but she has only just mastered crawling and can pull herself up on the couch. She certainly knows her name and cries as soon as she sees me.
Having only two teeth doesn't stop her from eating everything in sight.

I'm enjoying a Sunday at home after church. We normally have it at the in-laws but they are
going on a bus trip to Mary McKillop's church. Very exciting stuff.
If you haven't heard, Australia will get their very first saint today at the Vatican.
It's really special. The thought of even dragging my kids out to the city makes me cringe and shrivel into a ball. We will watch the event from the comfort of home.

I've been banned from buying fabric, notions or anything on-line.
You see we…

A Spot of Sewing

It really annoys me when the girl wakes me up early in the morning because "the sun is up, mummy!"

So I decided once and for all that I should spend some time making these easy peasy curtains for their room. I got the spotty curtain material when Spotlight had their 50% off sale.

If you wanted to go all out there are some cute lattice ones in this post by Caitlin Wilson.

I wish our dollar was much stronger as I would have ordered them up in a second.

Still I am very happy with these curtains and hubby put the rods up for me.

They have cute little train ends. Also, sourced from the Spotlight sale at $10!
Sorry about the bad lighting, it's hard to take a shot of it while the sun is shining in right behind the window.

She still wakes up early but I make her stay in bed with me until my eyelids pry themselves open.

Since I have also been watching what I eat I opted out of the choc cake and made this Best Banana Cakefrom Kirsty at Kootoyoo. It seriously rocks. My kids love it which i…