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Linen Spot Shorts Giveaway!

Entries now closed.

Today I decided to make some shorts for Little Miss Two +3mts.
*edit: now part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day. Click on the hand for the list.

I found inspiration from the French site for Japanese Couture Addicts from the Sassy Girls Clothes Japanese book I own. Yes, it's a mouthful. I just wanted more time and luscious fabric.

I really love the plaid tunic and I have always admired the shorts that were made from the pattern. I had bought some double-sided gingham from Leslie (as you do) and had no idea what to make from it. It's like a linen blend and being double-sided I really did want to make use of it. However, double-sided things are not to be... for now.

I digress, I made up the shorts in the usual size (the smallest - 90cm Toddler) and guess what? the darn waist was too small!!! About 10cm too small to be exact. I don't know how or why the pattern is like that. I yanked off her nappy and it just fit. I squished her into it. What a shame. Even hubby liked it alot.

So, I am giving it away! The waist measures 43cms so if you have a skinny 2T you might get away with it. Otherwise, it should fit a 1yr - 1.5T (if that makes any sense)

** Just leave a comment and I'll draw out the winner on Sunday evening and announce Monday morning (AEST 8 Dec) **

I'll get DD to draw a name out of a box. All tags will be the same length so it doesn't matter if you have a longer name.

Off to do my normal duties and clean the house ; )


  1. awwww they are delightful :)

    Im in but as I think im the first to post I probably wont win, those number generators never pick number 1 LOL

    Great giveaway, what a shame they dont fit your lil miss:(

  2. those are so sweet they make my teeth ache ;)

    crossing my fingers to win...

  3. LOve those shorts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Those shorts are adorable. I would love to win them.

  5. My baby girl would look adorable in those. They are just so precious. Thanks for the chance to win. kjhawkins67 at msn dot com.

  6. so very cute! we love polka-dots here!

  7. Love your craftiness...thanks for sharing it with blogland :)

  8. YAY, I have an 18 month old, so these might fit her perfectly!

  9. Oh these would be so cute on my little girl. I want them! I want them! Ahem, I mean, thank you for entering me in your contest.

  10. I think that these would be perfect for my dd she has the smallest little waist and we have such a hard time finding clothes that fit her around the waist!!! So this would be great if we won!

  11. They are gorgeous - and what a shame your daughter doesn't fit them. Read some more of your blog and loved it so now you are bookmarked LOL!

  12. Your spotty pants are too cute. Unfortunately my girls are too big, but our dear little niece is size 1. Her mummy would love them!

  13. Those are too cute! I know some little ladies who would love them!

  14. These would be cut for my niece. I would love to win them.

  15. These would look great on my littlest one! thanks for the chance!

  16. aww, they are so sweet. too bad they don't fit! I had that the other week, I make a cute little tweed skirt with a box pleat and it wound up too small for my 1yrold so I gave it away to a mommy of a new baby girl, i figure with a newborn it was bound to fit at some point LOL

  17. so super cute - my little one would love them!

  18. Oh giveaways! I love you giveaways!

  19. Those are sooo cute!

  20. Those are just charming!

  21. The shorts are too cute! Please enter me in your giveaway drawing!!! Thanks.

  22. so cute short!!!! please count me enter:)

  23. So, so cute! Thanks for playing!! :)

  24. Ooh, those are adorable. Great job!!!

    Thanks, and happy holidays!!

  25. Oh, sorry the pattern didn't work out for your little one!


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