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The Loot

When Spotlight had their recent 30% all floor stock I was so glad that hubby was on his way home from work. Something about network issues, whatever... I was going shopping!
I didn't think I'd be very long but it turns out a small kerfuffle at the check-out delayed me coming home earlier than anticipated. More about that later.

I came home with two bags of things I really liked/wanted/had to have.
The first being two balls of Panda 4ply Regal in grey so I could actually start knitting a cardigan for the little baby.  I've been adoring Corrie's knitted baby items each time she loads something up and I am itching to get something knitted up.

As soon as I spotted this Fat Quarter bundle it was
I grabbed a trolley as soon as got in the doors and popped this baby in.
Aren't they fantastic! It turned out to be $20 for the pack (after discount).

This is the rest of my stash. I'm not showing you the little things I also purchased like thread, new scissors, etc. There's some ribbon for a tulle skirt for Little Miss turning 5.
A cute pink vintage looking fabric for another Little Miss turning 2.
A lovely soft purple rayon for a Spring wrap for myself. I just hope I bought enough yardage (metres)
and some loveheart and pink tulle for said skirt.

While waiting for her to scan my items I glanced at the monitor. Some things came up as bit more expensive than I'd hoped. I wondered if they show you the discount price during checkout or not. After the young girl tallied up my items (with a few I removed from the trolley and asked Miss Four to place them back in a basket) she mumbled an amount to me. I handed her $150 in cash and she said "You've only given me $150, it's $240" and we peered at the reciept together. "$240, that can't be right " I actually said aloud. Luckily I was leaning against the counter or I would have slid right off.
I asked if I could pay some with direct debit. She said "Yes, sure. But I need to void this now and do it all over again." I said "Ok" and hurried around to the other side of the counter not wanting to show my embarassment.

There was a big line now of customers waiting and only two attendants, one of them being the young lady with me who was rescanning each item. I actually put back a few items, maybe about 5 that weren't so urgent and when she told me the total this time it was only $147. Really? After only putting back a few items. Surely something was astray before. Nevertheless, I paid cash. If they had a better check-out method they would have saved so much more time. I was happy now and quickly left.
Hubby called me along the way to make sure I was on my way. Apparently he did need to work from home and the young ones were crying.

I'm almost glad I have a time limit while I am out otherwise who knows what I would have brought home with me? Do you have a story like this? I'd love to hear about it.

But for now I am so enjoying reading this blog by another Kim: allconsuming.
There are so many things which ring true for me from her words. Especially the 4 vs 2.
She's hilarious. Just what I need each day.

Catch ya.


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