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I thought I'd enlighten you readers on what a few of the books that I'm forever dragging out now that I'm a full-time SAHM. Also, that's my boy. He's sprouting his second tooth and he giggles until he has hiccups.

1. Destitute Gourmet: The title perfectly defines how I cook. Dinner stresses me just thinking about it and I end up making up something on the spot. Lucky for me my hubs likes most of the food I eat quote: 'I don't like it when you put chick peas in food'

I've only ever made one or two things from this book so it's not really saving my sanity at the moment. 3/5 stars

2. Supernanny by Jo Frost: I love this book. Very simple and ingenius. I'm using the Naughty Step on my daughter although it frightens the hell out of me just thinking about using it. There's loads of information and my trouble is just trying to remember it all. She covers a whole lot of issues from newborn to toddler so it's well worth the read. 4.5 stars

3. New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel: Have you seen the outfits this lady is wearing??? Anyhoo... her meals are good. Sometimes I question the added butter but I really like the wide variety she includes like fish meals. 4/5
You know what? Those cheap recipe magazines at the grocery store do the trick sometimes. When I see titles like Budget or Speedy I check out the meals and I buy the magazine. I don't like tearing out meals that I have made from them but I think it makes it easier to plan my meal... being a Gemini I just can't decide. This sucks.
I've decided on something simple today.. you're having fried rice for lunch kiddo and I don't care if it goes everywhere.
Do you have any good cook books or parenting books you'd recommend??


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Invisible zipper foot - Birch

I thought I might shed some light on the invisible zipper foot. I bought a Birch model from Spotlight and it came in a little plastic bag with four blue shanks and a rolling foot.

First I removed the standard foot from my Janome sewing machine (Sewist 521). I realised I still needed to remove the shank, which is the part that is screwed on, and holds the interchangeable feet. So with one hand holding the screwdriver and one hand holding my daughter, who just had to watch, it popped out disappeared somewhere. NO! I was about to kick myself but luckily I found it in the basket underneath my table. Phew.

The Birch invisible zipper foot comes with one shank already in place so you know how it's suppose to fit. You have to select the correct shank that fits your machine and slide it onto the foot piece.

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< feeling sleepy Blogger doesn't like any of my camera pictures at the moment so I can't show you the pictures taken while I was having my eye's lasered. Here are the pics that Blogger decided it would upload of my eye surgery. I finally decided not to wait any longer and after I saw an advertisement at the local medical centre for the Sebban Eye Centre I decided to see if I was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. The check only takes 30mins and boy was I glad to hear that I was! I booked an appointment the very next day but I had to still wait 6weeks.
< during the laser!
A week has passed now and I still have slightly blurry vision since having TransPRK or Advanced Surface Laser. Sometimes when I use the saline drops I have clear vision even from the kitchen to the lounge which is fantastic. I just wish it would hurry up so I can get on with things. I have to have IE at 125% otherwise I find it hard to read and I haven't been on the net for a few days now…

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Meet my new baby, Janome 19110. Ok so maybe it needs a pet name but for now I sit at my sewing table in awe of her. She is a little bit of an upgrade to my current Janome 521 which has been having a bit of a tanty as of late. This one has 50 built-in stitches and 3 types of buttonholes. Did I mention they are automatic buttonholes! Awesome. There are the 7 piece feed dogs which should mean that my fabric won't get sucked under and hopefully will move much more smoothly AND the bobbin shouldn't get caught inside (unlike my old machine).

That being said there's not much else fancy about her as she was one of the bottom range of computerised sewing machines. You could get fancier but I know myself and I'm not running any type of sweatshop in my office I tell you. I am all about keepin' it real my friends (most of the time).

I started off trying a few stitches and trying the buttonhole foot.
It sewed the first two parts and then it stopped. My heart dropped. What jus…