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Another Nursing Top

image from my camera

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mummies out there!

My morning started with a kiss from hubby before he left for work.
Not long after the kids woke up and we had breakfast. I got them ready for church.
As I finished dressing I went into the kitchen to find my eldest (4.5yr old girl) apologising for spilling the beetroot container! She had stained her white fancy dress and some of the floor with beetroot juice. I had left the container on the bench but I did recall having a lid on it.
She apologised, saying she was trying to help me clean. God Bless her.
I rinsed her dress and popped it into the dryer so she could still wear it out.

She gave me the present (a little pink led torch) from her preschool stall along with some other items made at school. I had tears in my eyes. It was my first official present made by her and I was full of emotion. We hung them up on the wall in fron tof my sewing table.

Church was good and I didn't even worry when my youngest girl po…