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Easy skirts

This is an easy skirt using the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt template. It was a bit more flared than I liked so I trimmed it down to suit. You are meant to put a lining layer inside but because of the dark colour it isn't going to be see-through so I just left it as one layer with an invisible zipper at the back centre seam.

I like the lightness of the material which I bought from Spotlight in the quilting section. It's a little stiff unlike the rayon I used for the skirt below. I hope to get alot of use out of this skirt.

Here is a close-up of the flower detail.

 Do you remember that dress Iwas meant to finish? Well as I was un-picking the bodice seam I put a hole in it. Then I decided, well, it's better off as a skirt so here it is. Very comfy and easy. Just the way skirts should be.
There is my little boy who didn't want to be left alone this morning. Ahh well, cuddles are good for anyone. 

Letting the light shine... with a bit of sewing.

This new blogger template is driving me a bit nuts.
Anyway, moving right along I am in a much better frame of mind. Sorry about the last post but I had to get things off my chest. I wish the world wasn't full of evil but that's the way it is, for now.

So I decided to nourish my soul with a bit of sewing. This top (sorry it's blurry) was a pattern from my Japanese Overlock Sewing book. It's not suppose to have that pleat in the middle but it was gaping and looked terrible after I put on the neck binding. I really have to learn how to do this and yeah, sewing with knits is fiddly.

But gosh it's soooo comfy. This was a $3 a metre knit from Spotlight. It's a pink country flowery knit.
I want to make more knit tops.

Today I managed to make myself a skirt using Amy Butler's A-line Barcelona Skirt pattern.
It would have only taken a few hours but with the kids around it took about a day. I moved the sewing machine to the kitchen so I could watch the toddler overw…

A Heavy Hearted Post

Yesterday marked the beginning of our Lent. Christian Australian's usually celebrate it as Ash Wednesday with the mark of the Cross on your forehead but as a Maronite Catholic we have it on Monday. It's the beginning of 6 weeks until Easter when we celebrate the crucifixion of Christ and his Resurrection three days later. For me, it's a very personal time.
The past three weeks many things have been revealed to me which are very disturbing. I won't go into depth but I realise now that our perceptions on the world are based on lies which are fed to me by t.v. They call it television PROGRAMMING for a reason. Basically what we see on t.v and read about what has happened in the world is being fed by evil people who have tons of money and want more. They don't tell us about the slaughtering of innocent people in parts of the world where they want the land. They tell us what they want us to believe to incite hatred to other races and have civil wars and unrest. I feel …

Slowly slowly

This is a Leap Pad soft case. I made it this morning. The Leap Pad is heaven and hell. We bought two for Christmas and I've had to exchange both (the hell part) due to the boy's one not reading a game cartridge and two weeks later, returning the girl's one becausef it stopped responding to the stylus. I've had some moments of peace (heaven) while the kids played their educational games but it sucks the life out of the batteries in the space of an hour or two (more hell). A word to the wise, don't buy it if you don't have patience to listen to your kids nag you about the batteries or if you don't enjoy driving to another town as they are quite scarce in these parts.

(Not liking the new Blogger format). I used The Very Hungry Caterpillar print and some yellow with white spots sandwiched between some batting.  I think that might be some broken hair elastic with a yellow button. I'm surprised it turned out as I tend to make these things either too big or t…