A Heavy Hearted Post

Yesterday marked the beginning of our Lent. Christian Australian's usually celebrate it as Ash Wednesday
with the mark of the Cross on your forehead but as a Maronite Catholic we have it on Monday.
It's the beginning of 6 weeks until Easter when we celebrate the crucifixion of Christ and his Resurrection three days later. For me, it's a very personal time.

The past three weeks many things have been revealed to me which are very disturbing. I won't go into depth
but I realise now that our perceptions on the world are based on lies which are fed to me by t.v.
They call it television PROGRAMMING for a reason. Basically what we see on t.v and read about what has happened in the world is being fed by evil people who have tons of money and want more. They don't tell us about the slaughtering of innocent people in parts of the world where they want the land. They tell us what they want us to believe to incite hatred to other races and have civil wars and unrest. I feel sick just thinking about it.

Now my eyes are opened I will know that there is always another side to the story and that evil does exist. The devil's plan is working and we are all blinded by it. Did you know that some religions also believe that Jesus Christ is coming back? You don't have to believe in Jesus or God but know that our humanity is greatly suffering right now. They've predicted London bombings which would have you believe that we are under a terrorist attack. What a load of bull. Did you notice how perfectly the Twin Towers came down like a controlled demolition? Think about it. Now the U.S can control their people by taking away the First Amendment. They're coming for the rest of the world. My eyes are open now. My heart is aching.

It's time for me to nourish my soul. My body is just a temple for my soul and I've been too busy with life to  notice that I've not looked after it.They want us to be distracted from the truth but for me, no longer. I know what is to come and I don't want to be scared but I will be. I just hope you are ready too.

I'm not sure if I'll continue posting in this space. It's a bit like stepping back into the Matrix. We're so busy with gadgets and internet that we're not noticing the control they have over us. I don't want to sound so gloomy but we shall see what happens this year.

God Bless us all.


  1. Hello Kim,

    I dont usually post comments but I felt moved to say something to you. I read your blog sometimes. I think it is inspiring that you have 4 little ones and continue to be able to eech out a little bit of time to sew. I enjoy seeing your projects.

    I hope that you are alright. I dont really understand what your post is about but clearly something has disturbed you. I hope you find some peace. I find it helpful to worry about things that you can affect and to not worry about fixing the bigger world around us. Yes there are sad, tragic and scary things going on around the world but we all have a little bit we can do to affect and care for the people around us.

  2. Thankyou Miss M for your caring words. I realise that I am not able to change the world or re-write history but that I am in control (so far) of what I can do right now and make good use of my time here however long it may be. I realise that my soul and spirit need to be looked after as much if not more than my physical body. I am so grateful for your kind words.


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