Slowly slowly

This is a Leap Pad soft case. I made it this morning. The Leap Pad is heaven and hell. We bought two for Christmas and I've had to exchange both (the hell part) due to the boy's one not reading a game cartridge and two weeks later, returning the girl's one becausef it stopped responding to the stylus.
I've had some moments of peace (heaven) while the kids played their educational games but it sucks the life out of the batteries in the space of an hour or two (more hell). A word to the wise, don't buy it if you don't have patience to listen to your kids nag you about the batteries or if you don't enjoy driving to another town as they are quite scarce in these parts.

(Not liking the new Blogger format). I used The Very Hungry Caterpillar print and some yellow with white spots sandwiched between some batting.  I think that might be some broken hair elastic with a yellow button. I'm surprised it turned out as I tend to make these things either too big or too small. The width was fine but the length was too long so I re-did that part and I am very happy with the result. Now to make a pink one for the girl.

She started Kindergarten. I was emotional but I didn't cry. She looked crazy cute and so small amongst all the other kids. She enjoyed it even if the boys seem to annoy her during class. She is my little mature girl.
Yeah, she is her mother's daughter.


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