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Taking the Stress out of Serging

I recieved this bookby Chris James from Fishpond the other day and I read the whole thing whilst we took a trip to the city to pick up Little Miss' new car seat.

I must say how fabulous it has been already. It has lots of great pictures although I am yet to understand why my loops don't look the same as hers.
I sat with it last night and played around with my overlocker/serger. It was still annoying to see the 4 thread pictures regarding tension so I opened up my manual and referred to 3-thread diagrams. Things finally began to click.
I also tested on a folded piece of fabric rather than only one layer. It makes the stitching come out nicer and more visible.

I jotted down notes:
test 1: tensions 4, 3, 4 = loops too loose
test 2: tensions 5, 4, 3 = loops sit right on edge, maybe a little bit under
test 3: tensions 5, 3, 2 = a bit better?
blue - upper loper
orange - lower looper
... stuff like that.... it really does help.
I'm still getting my head around the terms and what they refer …

May SMS Giveaway!


Ok so I'm a day late BUT I'm still in if you're in!

I have decided to make a Kristen Doran Sling Bag for the Sew Mama SewMay Giveaway.
The trick is that I haven't decided on the material to be used yet and it probably won't be posted until end of next week.

All you need to do is leave a comment by the 1st June 2009 (My Birthday!) and I will draw out a winner that evening EST. If you'd like, let me know what kind of colours you might prefer such as cool colours, warm colours or if you're not fussy and would like to be surprised!

Good luck!!! International people are welcome.

From the YummyMummy! Haa haaaa.

Kristen Doran Sling Bag

Sorry for the dark photo. I've just been too busy to take a decent photo during the day.
I'm not confident enough with my new overlocker to try making Little Misses' jacket just yet.
So instead, I finished the Kristen Doran Sling Bag. The pattern arrived from Belsize Square. They called me when it came in as they were out of stock. I decided that my Anna Maria Horner fabric would be just perfect. It meant I didn't need to cut out the bottom panel.
I really wanted to do a whole lot of additions to this bag like... a top zipper closure, adding some batting or interfacing, adding cute embellishments like fabric yoyo's...but.... it all began to get too much in my head. Two nights ago I saw it sitting around my sewing table and I thought 'bugger it' I'll just sew on the binding and cross it off my list.

I did add a button though instead of the velcro. My gosh, my buttonholer was giving me heaps of grief last night. I was cursing to the high heavens. It just would…

Sidewalk Inspiration

Colours of Autumn. I am in love with these colours.
I was surprised to see them as I waited for hubby to pick me up from work.

The flowers and leaves collect in the corners of each step in the Autumn breeze.
I could have stared at them all day. I looked up and saw the clusters of flowers above the canopy of green, brown, leafy branches.

So romantic. Peaceful. Calm.

Ok, no more fabric!

Ok I am on a fabric ban! No more until I make something. I decided to tidy up my stash last night. I do have a quite a bit now even if they don't complement each other.

Above is the latest of the fabric I got from my local fabric store. I fell in love with the teal coloured broderie anglaise thinking it would be perfect for a top for myself. If only I'd have the perfect maternity pattern. Nevermind, I'll make do with my own.

I couldn't go past without buying this cute corduroy for my girl. It would be perfect for something, perhaps a little pinnie? What else do you make with corduroy? I don't have a hooded jacket pattern for toddlers : ( I'll try to find some inspiration from my Japanese books.

I really tried to find something suitable for my man but I'm not into skulls and he's not joining the army anytime soon. Seriously, can't they make something decent for boys?

In the meantime, the kids will just have to wait around while mum gets her act together.
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey...

My mother's day present arrived yesterday and I've been playing with it ever since.
It was a bit daunting reading the manual and thinking, this couldn't be any easier if it were written in Japanese : p

I did a trial of the jacket with some spare fleece and cut out the 110cm size templates first.
I tested it by placing the pieces directly on Little Miss and decided that the sleeves were way too big and long. So then, I placed the 100cm template on top and snipped to size.

This is how it has turned out so far.

So far as good. I tried it on her this morning and it fitted quite well.
I'm not sure if I want to finish off making the collar, buttonholes and pockets or jump right into the real jacket.

I'm so in love with how it overlocks the edges while cutting it neatly for me.
Such bliss.