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So I Sewed

Did you know that you can work up a sweat sewing?
I really did with this one yesterday. My back started hurting and the room was quite warm.
Anyway, after trying this on it really didn't turn out as planned.
This is a top from the Sweet Dress Recipe Japanese book.

Things I learned from this experience:
DON'T use quilting weight fabric as it doesn't drape very nicelyThe sizing is actually quite 'roomy' and I used the largest sizeI don't like using elastic but it does allow for ease of pulling on and offIt didn't need the invisible zipper (see point above)
I didn't have any nice voile or drapey fabric on hand so I used this green leaf quilt weight cotton.It made it very billowy and I didn't like the elastic casing that is used on the collar and the sleeves. If you extend the length it could have turned into a long dress.The models in the books make it look so good.
I also pulled the elastic out of the sleeves and left them as is. I felt quite uncomfortable w…

No... we're not cooking.

This is pattern marking/tracing. In particular a Japanese pattern. I don't enjoy tracing Japanese patterns solely for the fact that I find it hard to actually find the right piece to be traced and my tracing looks like my 3.5yr old did it. But this time around I used a ruler, some extra wide Glad Baking Paper and traced a pattern for a singlet top for myself. It's also useful to copy the actual Japanese markings so you can recognise the symbols on the instructions. Above is the pattern piece for pages 14, 31 and labelled 'front' piece.
I hope to finish it soon. Not tonight, I have to shop but maybe by Sunday.

A moment to pause

We have been tragically hit with really devastating news in the family.
It involves a newborn baby so dear to us who is still in NICU where she will spend her few moments left here on earth. She will be with our heavenly father.
She is a true angel and she will live in our hearts forever.
We pray for her and thank her for the gift of love she renewed in us and our families.

Where to start?

I have a lot of things I want to sew. I just don't have enough time.
So, at least this week I decided to fix the broken invisible zipper on my favourite denim skirt.
That's the finished product above. Boring isn't it. But I was quite proud to say that I fixed it and I can now wear it again.

I sit at my table inspired by my little Japanese book for little kids.
I love the simplicity of this boys shirt. I am definately making one for him this Easter.

How cute is this little blouse for a 6month old? I'll definately try to get one of these too.
You gotta think big to make things happen, right?
Think positive.

While I'm at it, I will daydream about these tops for me.
They are from the Sweet Dress Recipe book that I bought last time.

Cherri - Thanks for the advice about the baking paper.
I bought some that came in extra wide to 38cms so I'll let you all know how that goes.

Time for a cuppa.

Little Inspirations

After a morning coffee. Beds unmade, dirty dishes, unclean floors. For the moment.
There was a happy moment. There were smiles. There was some inspiration.
An urge to keep going with the day and to try to make it as positive as possible.

Look what I can grow. I got this chilli plant from my mum in law.

Beautiful tomato plants from little seeds.
Hubby planted these. So maybe I can't call them mine.

Lettuce sprouting also from seedlings planted months ago.

And I have no idea what these tall tree looking things are but their seeds have floated around my garden and have come to nestle in our tub of plants. My Lebanese neighbour picked a whole bunch from the park next door and uses them in a salad.
I'm sad to report that there hasn't been much sewing or crafting. Spotlight were out of tracing paper and I really need it for my Japanese patterns. I jus haven't had a moment to myself these days and I can't wait til I get the toddlers off to day care for one day so I can get someth…