So I Sewed

Did you know that you can work up a sweat sewing?
I really did with this one yesterday. My back started hurting and the room was quite warm.
Anyway, after trying this on it really didn't turn out as planned.
This is a top from the Sweet Dress Recipe Japanese book.

Things I learned from this experience:
  • DON'T use quilting weight fabric as it doesn't drape very nicely
  • The sizing is actually quite 'roomy' and I used the largest size
  • I don't like using elastic but it does allow for ease of pulling on and off
  • It didn't need the invisible zipper (see point above)

I didn't have any nice voile or drapey fabric on hand so I used this green leaf quilt weight cotton.

It made it very billowy and I didn't like the elastic casing that is used on the collar and the sleeves. If you extend the length it could have turned into a long dress.

The models in the books make it look so good.

I also pulled the elastic out of the sleeves and left them as is. I felt quite uncomfortable with the feel of it. I will really need to pull in the sides if I decide to wear this during winter. It would be nice over a long sleeve top though.

And because those pics were boring, here's one of my girls being crazy.

Make sure you head on over to Stitchbird for her fabric giveaway.

You won't want to miss out on this one!


  1. I'm sure the fabric will soften after a few washes. I think it looks like a really comfortable top and will look beautiful when you've taken the sides in a bit. Love the new header!

  2. It's pretty Kim - Maybe a belt around the waist would help - I have also seen a few people shir the side seams a few cm each side just to get rid of the bulk - I think it's pretty though and should soften like Melinda said...

  3. I noticed you were just trying out the extra wide baking paper to transfer a pattern.

    I tend to buy very light interfacing, usually AUD$ 1-2 per metre. I buy 10-15 metres at a time (around $20 worth, normally), and they place it back on a bolt for me. It comes 150cm wide too! Then I use it to copy and transfer every pattern I sew, so I don't have to cut the originals (meaning I don't lose any extra sizes).


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