Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's not so bad: Newlook skirt 6128

Here is the finished NewLook 6128, view B skirt. I did have a few goes at the zipper. At first I didn't know how to do a lapped zipper so I tried the invisible zipper. That was ok until I unpicked a few times and tried it on and then it got stuck and then there was a hole and bit of "how do I get it off?" I managed to wriggle it off and decided to do a normal zipper.

It was easier than I thought (construction wise). The size 10 fits fine but I used a small seam allowance (10mm) instead of the 1.5cms they allow. I read on a site somewhere that if you are unsure about the size, cut out the waistband and see if it fits nicely around you. If not, choose another size. Next time I might go a size 12. It's either that or give up chocolate.

You can't really see the pleats as this denim is quite dark so that's a good thing in my mind. Darker is more slimming as well which I need right now. I might try some of the other views as there's a longer one and one with pockets. I could try a beige colour skirt or a pretty flower patterned one? More importantly, it goes with all my shoes, yay!

This is the back. I had accidentally fused interfacing to both parts of the waistband instead of just one part so it was a bit bulky when I was sewing in the zipper. Not to worry though. I still need a hook and eye to close up the top but the standard dress zip made it easy to put on and off. The invisible zip kept getting stuck at the waistband and hence, I put a hole in it! I'm quite happy with how it turned out though and esp. since it was under $5 for this pattern it was a bargain really.

The winners of the Possum Magic are: 5, 6 and 1 which are: Melinda, Kristy and Amber. Please e-mail me you adress so I can post the book out to you!

I'm off to rest a little. I've got a virus in my throat and I feel like crap today. Just sayin', I need a bit of sympathy and love (not more chocolate, you got that brain!)