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Slowing down

I need to slow down. Really. How do I know this?
Yesterday I locked the car keys in the house so I had to call a few people to pick up the kids from school and then send me the spare house keys. There's suppose to be a spare key in the laundry (cos it's not the first time I've done this) but it wasn't there. (Oh yeah, I used it last week!) Today, I decided to check my run-about bag and the little zipper compartment in the back. Whaddya know? My spare key was there!!! I could have saved myself, lol.

I've also forgotten to buy this sachet for colour runs (to save the red stripey shoes I doused in bleach for my daughter which are now considerably pink all over) even though I've been to the shops, oh about three times now.

So, our slow days have been about playing in the cubby house in the backyard (whilst I hang laundry) and getting her to help me cook. I use to cook all the time with my eldest girl but this girl needs to get some cooking act…

A very busy life

Happy Belated Mother's Day mums. I had a lovely day and hubby bought me some clothes on behalf of the kids, awwwww.

So, sorry to keep you guys in suspense. I've been sick with the flu this week. Boy, was it awful. My head was hurting, my back and body aching, feeling chills and wanting to sleep forever. I only took some Panadol but a Vicks Vapor rub steam bowl was pretty good at relieving the head cold. It was a really cold weekend which made me feel a lot worse. Time for soups and fresh juices methinks.
So, anyway, I popped all the names on pieces of paper, stuck them to little binder clips and had my three year old pick out two of them. So, the winners of the Woolworths gift cards cards are: (drumroll!): Nadine of Adagio Alpacas and Kerry D (from Facebook comments). Please e-mail me your mailing addresses and I will try my best to get them out this week or else early next week.

Before I fell ill, I was busy planning out some long sleeved t-shirts for my almost 2year old. I …

Mysteries of Life

Photo from

You may or may not have heard the sad news about the passing of Whip-Up founder Kathreen Ricketson. I found the article related to her circumstances on WA today (just this morning) but I've only discovered the news from other blogs yesterday. It's very tragic and sad. I believe that everything happens because that's the crap that does happen in life. There is no 100% happiness. We can't avoid it or see it coming. Bad things happen to really good people. It sucks but it does happen and I try not to think about but instead pray for their families. They will be closer together, become stronger and more resilient in life.
We will be keeping the family in our prayers and hope that God will heal their pain. They have set up a fund for the children's education and the details can be found on the blog site. Hug your children tighter, be kind to everyone and enjoy the all moments whilst we are still here.

My Day on a Plate with Dr Joanna McMillian + giveaway!

When I was asked if I was interested in submitting "My Day on a Plate" for Dr Joanna McMillan, I didn't hesitate to say Yes; even if I was a tad bit apprehensive about letting her know my bad eating habits. I have been a huge fan of hers ever since I watched an episode of the Biggest Loser where she asked them which foods were good or bad (pointing towards a massive table of all sorts of food you could think of). It knocked my socks off when she said "None of them are bad, it's just food." I could have hugged and kissed my t.v right then and there!
Dr Joanna is a leading nutritionist and is the ambassador of Australian Pineapples.
She is a registered nutritionist with a PhD in nutritional science. Her philosophy on diet is pretty simple - eat more fresh wholesome foods and fewer processed, packaged foods.

So I give you: My Day on a Plate :

7.30am cup of coffee (one Natvia sweetener, soy milk) two slices of toast with butter and vegemite
10am - Snack: apple…

While you were sleeping.

While everyone is asleep in the evening I clean up the kitchen and lounge (most nights, not all) and then I spend some time on the computer. It's the only time I have that is completely un-interrupted. 
Tonight I downloaded some pictures from the camera and found these gems. Above is an actual possum who frequents our place. There it is, perched on our garage, looking for food I suppose. We can hear the thud on the tin shelter as it leaps from roof to roof. They are very agile and they don't bother us; only the poop they leave behind (in the kids tree house). It's not nice, esp. when little toddlers get a hold of them (ewww).
I also found these pictures very intriguing. Apparently, I have a budding photographer on our hands. My 5yr old son obviously took a liking to his eraser buddies (from Big W if you are interested) and Mr Frog has taken centre stage. It's all very cute, as you'll see.
Eraser line-up. Which one is the cutest??
Mr Frog takes a leap! I might have…