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Part One: Front Panel and Piping

I made piping. Really. From scratch.
I had to because Lincraft didn't have any. The Gods were smiling on me because I guessed all of the calculations. I tried to understand the charts for bias making but the Imperials were doing my head in.

Here's the math in metric terms:
A 30cm square will make around 3mtrs of 3cm wide bias binding. More than enough of the 90" required. Remarkable that continuous binding method.

I used my zipper foot to sew in the piping cord. I don't know why but I chopped off the length I needed instead of just finishing the rest of the cord and bias. I won't do that next time.

Here 'tis pinned onto the front panel. See how you get nice rounded edges.
The dog and cat are pleased.

This is the front panel. I had to chop some of the train station to include the train in the clouds.
It has a layer of H640 wadding and S320 to give it some body and firmness.
I do recommend using a Rajah cloth because I scorched the crap out of a pillow case ironing the w…

My Creative Space

I thought I'd play along with this week's Creative Spaceat Kirsty's.
On my table are the beginnings of the Toddler Bag I spoke about on my previous post.
I am preparing all the little pieces I need. I went to Lincraft and I was quite disappointed with the selection but it was closer to home than Spotlight in the time I was "toddlerless".

* freshly arrived fabric from Kelani
* Vilene S320 from Nicole M Design

I really love the little train in the clouds. Sometimes that is where my head is at.
In the clouds or in a place that is magical and contains lots of good coffee, sewing and crafting time.

I've also started thrifting some nylon straps for the two bags I am making.
It only just occurred to me today that I may have some laying around attached to un-used bags.
I've already used some old stiff paper to print out the paper pattern and hope to use up things in my stash.

Before I go, don't forget to visit Betz White for the start of great Earth Daygiveaways.

The Plan

They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

That being said I have a list of things that I am GOING to sew. You heard me say it here.
Well, that's my plan anyway.

All Aboard Navy

Project 1

Toddler Backpack for my Little Man who started day care one day a week and loves it.
This is the Made by Rae pattern which I bought today. I've seen some great bags made up in this pattern and it's a bargain at $6US.
Gotta love how our dollar is going strong against the greenback.

Hunky Dory Cream

Project Two

Same backpack for Little Miss who will cry the house down if she doesn't get a new bag either.
I really love the pinks and musky colours in the picture.

It took me half a day to pick out the perfect fabric on-line at Kelani. I just didn't want to buy something that I wasn't going to be happy with and I have a budget to consider. That being said I am hoping that I have enough in my stash to make up the rest of the bag but I'm sure I need to find nice piping and medium interfa…

New Kicks

I got me some new kicks. Converse All Stars low cut.
I've been wanting a pair of these since forever.
Of course the price always set me back until today. A store was 'closing down' and had them 30% off. So glad there was one in my size too.

Woo hooo.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

My baby is back! Oh how I missed my Janome while it was gone for two days!
I must have really jinxed myself after my last post because while I was fixing those hems on the jeans I managed to bend the tip of the denim needle. I just knew something was up.

I searched around for a good service place. There weren't any nearby and I could just imagine myself : three kids in tow and a sewing machine strapped to my chest or something.
Luckily I came across this guy who did free pick-up and delivery.

A quick call to Jimmy Shimizu assured me that my machine was going to be in good hands.
Jimmy use to be a head-technician for Janome. How could I go wrong!

Upon the return of my beloved machine he let me know that I had a faulty needle plate which caused the thread to get caught and jam up.
I had half a clue of what was going on, the rest was a collaboration of impatience, swearing and inexperience amongst other things.
He also mentioned that I should have the dial 'thinga-majig' on 3 so the

Lists of things to do.

Ruffled Shoes by Apachesprincess
I found this tutorialyesterday (pictured) and I want to have a go at it. I just need to find some ballet flats first.
Isn't it just the cutest? AND I already have my hot glue gun ready.
I was doing a spot of sewing yesterday but I was sewing dolls clothes. A Dora doll to be exact. The skirt was easy but I stuffed up the blouse by sewing the puffed sleeve upside down. Haa haaa. I figure if I don't try I won't learn.
You have GOT to go here. Erin has really great pictures and instructions on how to sew children's clothes. Sooooo awesome for a intermediate sewer like me. How gorgeous are those dresses!
Aside: I think my header is a bit too big. I don't have time to fix it yet.

I have a list of things that I would love to sew up but it's getting cold here so I'll be thinking about pinafores, leggings, knits.... it's endless.
Oh, back to the point about my sewing... I have come to the conclusion that my machine needs a tune-up. It'…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I hope yours was great and filled with choc bunnies.
I made a chocolate mud cake which turned out not too bad.

We've got a little stash of bunnies. They're delicious.
Looky here. Some goodies I bought recently on sale: hot glue gun, bobbins, ribbon and all-purpose thread. The kids went psycho so I had to leave Spotlight before I could grab any fabric :(
I'm going to try some new patterns for Winter as it's getting rather chilly here. Might stick to kiddy sewing for a bit.
I don't want to sound like a broken record but I really do want to have another go at knitting a cardigan or something for the baby. I am just terrible at counting rows so I really must use my row counter. Knitting is so therapeutic.
The kids will be starting daycare this week so I hope it all goes well.
It means more time for me at home if only baby J will sleep longer than her cat naps.
Signing off for now.