Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I hope yours was great and filled with choc bunnies.

I made a chocolate mud cake which turned out not too bad.

We've got a little stash of bunnies. They're delicious.

Looky here. Some goodies I bought recently on sale:
hot glue gun, bobbins, ribbon and all-purpose thread.
The kids went psycho so I had to leave Spotlight before I could grab any fabric :(
I'm going to try some new patterns for Winter as it's getting rather chilly here.
Might stick to kiddy sewing for a bit.
I don't want to sound like a broken record but I really do want to have another go at knitting a cardigan or something for the baby. I am just terrible at counting rows so I really must use my row counter. Knitting is so therapeutic.

The kids will be starting daycare this week so I hope it all goes well.

It means more time for me at home if only baby J will sleep longer than her cat naps.

Signing off for now.


  1. Happy easter kim xxx

    good luck with daycare hopefully it will go smoothly and give you some important sewing time hahaha

  2. Happy Easter and enjoy the bunnies - yumm red tulip is the best - hope day care goes well!


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