Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids Room

This is the childrens bedroom. They have two Soho single beds and I just bought this new bookshelf for them from here when it had $2 shipping! It came flat packed two days later. I un-earthed it from the box while the baby was asleep and set it up with a screwdriver. It would have taken me only 20mins if I wasn't fussy about how the front looked and I had to take the sides and top apart to fix it up. The construction and materials are very good except for the backing. It's a light panel and the screws they give you come through if you're not careful (like me). Probably best to nail in the back so you don't chip off a bit of the shelving from the inside.

It's a very sturdy bookshelf and I love that it has those baskets for their toys. I might cover one side of the baskets with decorator fabric if I get bored enough. I like that it makes it a bit harder for the almost 2yr old to pull out everything like she does. It's not even her room the crazy little girl.
I love it even though hubby is not happy I spent the money. There was nothing wrong with the last one.
Well, yeah, I didn't like the other one (which came from council pick-up) and we never had any books in it.

Husbands.... you can't live with them..... that is all.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Loot

When Spotlight had their recent 30% all floor stock I was so glad that hubby was on his way home from work. Something about network issues, whatever... I was going shopping!
I didn't think I'd be very long but it turns out a small kerfuffle at the check-out delayed me coming home earlier than anticipated. More about that later.

I came home with two bags of things I really liked/wanted/had to have.
The first being two balls of Panda 4ply Regal in grey so I could actually start knitting a cardigan for the little baby.  I've been adoring Corrie's knitted baby items each time she loads something up and I am itching to get something knitted up.

As soon as I spotted this Fat Quarter bundle it was
I grabbed a trolley as soon as got in the doors and popped this baby in.
Aren't they fantastic! It turned out to be $20 for the pack (after discount).

This is the rest of my stash. I'm not showing you the little things I also purchased like thread, new scissors, etc. There's some ribbon for a tulle skirt for Little Miss turning 5.
A cute pink vintage looking fabric for another Little Miss turning 2.
A lovely soft purple rayon for a Spring wrap for myself. I just hope I bought enough yardage (metres)
and some loveheart and pink tulle for said skirt.

While waiting for her to scan my items I glanced at the monitor. Some things came up as bit more expensive than I'd hoped. I wondered if they show you the discount price during checkout or not. After the young girl tallied up my items (with a few I removed from the trolley and asked Miss Four to place them back in a basket) she mumbled an amount to me. I handed her $150 in cash and she said "You've only given me $150, it's $240" and we peered at the reciept together. "$240, that can't be right " I actually said aloud. Luckily I was leaning against the counter or I would have slid right off.
I asked if I could pay some with direct debit. She said "Yes, sure. But I need to void this now and do it all over again." I said "Ok" and hurried around to the other side of the counter not wanting to show my embarassment.

There was a big line now of customers waiting and only two attendants, one of them being the young lady with me who was rescanning each item. I actually put back a few items, maybe about 5 that weren't so urgent and when she told me the total this time it was only $147. Really? After only putting back a few items. Surely something was astray before. Nevertheless, I paid cash. If they had a better check-out method they would have saved so much more time. I was happy now and quickly left.
Hubby called me along the way to make sure I was on my way. Apparently he did need to work from home and the young ones were crying.

I'm almost glad I have a time limit while I am out otherwise who knows what I would have brought home with me? Do you have a story like this? I'd love to hear about it.

But for now I am so enjoying reading this blog by another Kim: allconsuming.
There are so many things which ring true for me from her words. Especially the 4 vs 2.
She's hilarious. Just what I need each day.

Catch ya.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eating Pie

Hubby came in and said "She's pulled apart your sewing machine."
I thought "What? It can't be pulled apart."
I went to see and discovered that she's twisted my threads on my overlocker. It was a little amusing.
I haven't fixed it yet but I am sure it won't take me long to fix. She is my 21mth old toddler.
I've had to deal with things like these since I cannot supervise the children while breastfeeding the baby.
Such activities include my son playing with the baby powder or squeezing out 3/4 of the baby bath lotion into the baby bath do not surprise me anymore. They do test my patience though.

Most days I daydream about sewing up something. When I do find a little time to myself I am a bit too confused as where to start. Should I pull out a pattern? What's in my stash that would go with it?
I wanted to make this Oliver + S pattern for a while now. It looks cute. Spring is not far away. We've enjoyed a few preview days where the sun dances on your skin. Inviting you to take your cardigan off.

Meanwhile the chillyness of the evenings still males your body want comfort food. So tonight I found
a recipe for apple pie from Best Recipes and I made it. It looked delicious and it was the first time I ever tried making shortcrust pastry. It turned out pretty good even if it a bit crumbly. I had no time to cool down the cooked grannysmith apple filling and I never drained it so it came out nice and filling in the pie but it tasted a little tart. Must add more sugar next time.

The days seem really quick. Has it been 2months since I've given birth? Time sure flies.
I expected life to be tougher. Surely He's answered my prayers and given me strength to get through it.
No, I don't meal plan or plan anything. I'm more fly off the seat of my bum and last minute meals kinda gal.

Many celebrations coming up though and Little Miss turning big old 5!!! I'm thinking Princess Castle cake.
Needless to ay life sure is busy. Still enough time for shopping tomorrow ; )