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Kids Room

This is the childrens bedroom. They have two Soho single beds and I just bought this new bookshelf for them from here when it had $2 shipping! It came flat packed two days later. I un-earthed it from the box while the baby was asleep and set it up with a screwdriver. It would have taken me only 20mins if I wasn't fussy about how the front looked and I had to take the sides and top apart to fix it up. The construction and materials are very good except for the backing. It's a light panel and the screws they give you come through if you're not careful (like me). Probably best to nail in the back so you don't chip off a bit of the shelving from the inside.
It's a very sturdy bookshelf and I love that it has those baskets for their toys. I might cover one side of the baskets with decorator fabric if I get bored enough. I like that it makes it a bit harder for the almost 2yr old to pull out everything like she does. It's not even her room the crazy little girl.
I lov…

The Loot

When Spotlight had their recent 30% all floor stock I was so glad that hubby was on his way home from work. Something about network issues, whatever... I was going shopping!
I didn't think I'd be very long but it turns out a small kerfuffle at the check-out delayed me coming home earlier than anticipated. More about that later.

I came home with two bags of things I really liked/wanted/had to have.
The first being two balls of Panda 4ply Regal in grey so I could actually start knitting a cardigan for the little baby.  I've been adoring Corrie's knitted baby items each time she loads something up and I am itching to get something knitted up.

As soon as I spotted this Fat Quarter bundle it was
I grabbed a trolley as soon as got in the doors and popped this baby in.
Aren't they fantastic! It turned out to be $20 for the pack (after discount).

This is the rest of my stash. I'm not showing you the little things I also purchased like thread, new sc…

Eating Pie

Hubby came in and said "She's pulled apart your sewing machine." I thought "What? It can't be pulled apart." I went to see and discovered that she's twisted my threads on my overlocker. It was a little amusing. I haven't fixed it yet but I am sure it won't take me long to fix. She is my 21mth old toddler. I've had to deal with things like these since I cannot supervise the children while breastfeeding the baby. Such activities include my son playing with the baby powder or squeezing out 3/4 of the baby bath lotion into the baby bath do not surprise me anymore. They do test my patience though.
Most days I daydream about sewing up something. When I do find a little time to myself I am a bit too confused as where to start. Should I pull out a pattern? What's in my stash that would go with it?
I wanted to make this Oliver + S pattern for a while now. It looks cute. Spring is not far away. We've enjoyed a few preview days where the sun dances o…