Eating Pie

Hubby came in and said "She's pulled apart your sewing machine."
I thought "What? It can't be pulled apart."
I went to see and discovered that she's twisted my threads on my overlocker. It was a little amusing.
I haven't fixed it yet but I am sure it won't take me long to fix. She is my 21mth old toddler.
I've had to deal with things like these since I cannot supervise the children while breastfeeding the baby.
Such activities include my son playing with the baby powder or squeezing out 3/4 of the baby bath lotion into the baby bath do not surprise me anymore. They do test my patience though.

Most days I daydream about sewing up something. When I do find a little time to myself I am a bit too confused as where to start. Should I pull out a pattern? What's in my stash that would go with it?
I wanted to make this Oliver + S pattern for a while now. It looks cute. Spring is not far away. We've enjoyed a few preview days where the sun dances on your skin. Inviting you to take your cardigan off.

Meanwhile the chillyness of the evenings still males your body want comfort food. So tonight I found
a recipe for apple pie from Best Recipes and I made it. It looked delicious and it was the first time I ever tried making shortcrust pastry. It turned out pretty good even if it a bit crumbly. I had no time to cool down the cooked grannysmith apple filling and I never drained it so it came out nice and filling in the pie but it tasted a little tart. Must add more sugar next time.

The days seem really quick. Has it been 2months since I've given birth? Time sure flies.
I expected life to be tougher. Surely He's answered my prayers and given me strength to get through it.
No, I don't meal plan or plan anything. I'm more fly off the seat of my bum and last minute meals kinda gal.

Many celebrations coming up though and Little Miss turning big old 5!!! I'm thinking Princess Castle cake.
Needless to ay life sure is busy. Still enough time for shopping tomorrow ; )


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