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Accepting the days

Another year older and I'm beginning to think that with old(er) age comes injuries. I happen to be cleaning all day when my neck started to hurt. I thought it was only mild and could be massaged away but it got progressively worse and the gp said it was a common neck strain. I don't recall doing anything in particular but I bought my pain medication and stayed home. That night was rather uncomfortable and turning in bed was painful. I foolishly went to work the next day thinking that I could bear the pain and discovered that taking codeine during work hours makes for a terribly sleepy experience. Anyway, it seems to be getting better day by day as last night's sleep wasn't as bad and I rode the bike in. I got sick of the stress of having to drop off the kids and then trying to get to the car park only to find out that there are no spots left. 
At least the sun is out and it's not raining. Winter has set in but it's actually not bad... yet.
Over the weekend we …