Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway: Dolce or Birdie Clutch.

I've been sewing this week and it feels really good.
First up I finally made some pillowcases for our new pillows.

They were made in Marilyn Grey Dolce by Tanya Whelan.
I really love the colour and I am glad I didn't add a cuff to them.
They are simple and great just the way they are. I just added a white linen to the underside and put in a small cuff to close up the side opening.

Then I made my first purse/pouch/clutch thingy using the Noodlehead tutorial.
It's got a gathered front and you just sew on a band on top. I did learn a few things and as easy as they were meant to be they still took me a day to finish up the way I liked.
These are going to be perfect for stashing some tissues in my handbag and my phone which I can never find when it rings.

The first I made using a Windham fabric called Full Bloom. The one above is Dolce as well. They both have a charcoal linen main fabric.

I broke two needles in the process, yes two!
One of them hit the metal piece of the zipper and the second was caught when it went under and bent from god knows what. So I tried to be a lot more careful in the whole experience.

What is happening with my camera? The zipper is a dusty pink. Mmmmmm.
It was hard to figure out how to make those nice zipper ends appear nice after I sewed up both sides. The first time I missed the bit in the instructions where it says to sew up to the zipper ends and NOT THROUGH them. Huh, how does that work? They are not perfect and that is what still annoys me. It was also hard to keep everything straight when sewing pieces together so I had to use my rotary cutter to keep my fabrics lined up. They are a bit wonky still.

Never to leave something alone I decided to be a bit more creative and added a lacy touch to the second pouch I made. I think it looks more dainty. I love the little bird on the front. The band was a 9cm wide strip that was folded in on the edges instead of one bigger piece sewn together and with the seam hidden in the centre. I just despise ironing. The insides have a nice grey floral lining and the raw edges are hidden! Yay for that and fat quarters.
In celebration of getting a bit of my sew-jo back I would like to make one of these for a lovely reader. Just don't worry if it comes out a bit wonky, it's a designers touch ; )
You just need to let me know which fabric you would like on the band in your comment.
The Dolce or the Birdie? You can choose to have the lace or without the lace if you want the birdie.

That being said, I think I will be off tomorrow to get some more needles and zippers.

Clutchy giveaway will close Friday 24th Sept so I can start sewing.
All entries from anywhere are open.
This giveaway will be featured on Giveaway Scout, an on-line giveaway search engine!
Au revoir!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

I held my breath and ... I cut into it!
Dolce by Tanya Whelan has long been a favourite of mine so when I got this Marilyn Grey I knew it was for something very cool.
We bought new pillows so I decided that this fabric would look great as pillow cases.
I was thinking of getting a matching panel for the cases but then when it came in I didn't like the way it looked if I were to make a cuff for it.
I can't wait to get them finished and have only cut out the pieces.

In other news I made these yummy Mars Bar Slices for a party.
They were a huge hit (even if I used dark chocolate for the topping, hence the milk chocolate lattices I piped on top).

I also made my favourite and very easy Beef Stir-fry with Hokkien noodle.
I recieved lovely comments about this too.
I think people believe that Asian people are born with stir-fry skills but seriously you can learn it very easily. The method is to brown your meat first in hot oil in batches.
Then remove and fry your vegies in a little stock and steam them on the wok for a minute or two. Then add your meat back in the wok and add your soy sauce, oyster sauce and salt and pepper. That's it! Enjoy your healthy stir-fry.

That's about as creative I got this week. More spaces at Kirst's.

If you're busy like me please take time to SLOW DOWN.
I watched an Oprah program today where this lady had one change in her busy schedule and she left her two year old in the car by accident, where she passed away due to heat stroke, and they found her 8 hrs later. It was a heart-breaking story and she was so brave to share it with everyone.

Please, please, please take your time to be WITH your children and be mindful of them.
If I can reach out to one person this post would have been really worth it.

God Bless.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Turning Pages

This little darling turned 4 recently.
She embraced the world 4 years ago a day before the Father's Day weekend.
I remember just wanting her out so I could rest but I never got any!
Right now just watching her flourish into a little being feels pretty good and this mothering business is settling in my bones.
I love that the cardigan matches her dress and it fits her now since being so-called blocked.
She tells everyone that "Mummy knitted this and she dyed it"
My heart glows each time I hear the words coming out of her mouth.
Speaking of parenting I won a book pack from The Bub Hub by simply writing up a review.
I'm so incredibly thrilled! I hope there might be some really good reading coming my way.

This Father's Day weekend was a pretty emotional one.
We all went to the cemetary and shed tears for a little angel with her parents.
We all went to the airport and I cried when saying farewell to parents-in-law.
I think after becoming a mother I am so much more of an emotional torrent ready to burst my tear ducts as soon as anything remotely sad comes my way.
With that being said I enjoyed and bathed in the love and bonding of family this weekend.
It's so good for the soul. So nourishing. It's so easy to be distracted into putting our efforts into other insignificant chores. I decided to drag the littlies out to be with family and it was worth it.
Moments too good to be missed.
I hope you all had a good weekend too.