Turning Pages

This little darling turned 4 recently.
She embraced the world 4 years ago a day before the Father's Day weekend.
I remember just wanting her out so I could rest but I never got any!
Right now just watching her flourish into a little being feels pretty good and this mothering business is settling in my bones.
I love that the cardigan matches her dress and it fits her now since being so-called blocked.
She tells everyone that "Mummy knitted this and she dyed it"
My heart glows each time I hear the words coming out of her mouth.
Speaking of parenting I won a book pack from The Bub Hub by simply writing up a review.
I'm so incredibly thrilled! I hope there might be some really good reading coming my way.

This Father's Day weekend was a pretty emotional one.
We all went to the cemetary and shed tears for a little angel with her parents.
We all went to the airport and I cried when saying farewell to parents-in-law.
I think after becoming a mother I am so much more of an emotional torrent ready to burst my tear ducts as soon as anything remotely sad comes my way.
With that being said I enjoyed and bathed in the love and bonding of family this weekend.
It's so good for the soul. So nourishing. It's so easy to be distracted into putting our efforts into other insignificant chores. I decided to drag the littlies out to be with family and it was worth it.
Moments too good to be missed.
I hope you all had a good weekend too.


  1. I agree, I’m more emotionally touched and get teary eyes easily after becoming a mother... Not to mention, paranoid and worry


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