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A bit of this and a bit of that.

These are all straight out of the camera shots. Above is what I am up to with the Tova top. I cut out a Large size just in case the medium might be tight and I tried this on and it's pretty good and not too mumu. I'm yet to find time to finish off the sleeves and collar (which I am a bit scared about).
The placket was a little tricky and I did some homework and read up how it is done. It wasn't too bad even when I used my overlocker on the inside. It can be tricky to get the sharp corners but if you draw in those dots (drillholes she calls them) it helps you to make that turn.
Some days I eat soup for lunch. It's my plan to lose a bit of weight. I've been delaying any kind of baking because I know it'll just sit on my belly and tip the scales a bit more. I'm been thinking about using the treadmill and maybe even going to the gym (Ohhh, shocker). I just don't want to be anymore wobbly come summer time when I'll be wanting to wear dresses everywhere…

Time out with Bakers Delight

It's school holidays again. Gah. Two weeks of your kids incessantly asking "What are we doing today? Where are we going?" So if you're organised you would have booked your restless kids into some fun-filled activities with other restless, sugar driven bouncy kids who are screaming for some action. It means basically no time-out for yourself. This is where Bakers Delight comes in to save the day.
Bakers Delight sent me some yummy scones from their selection. I recieved Chocolate Mud, Berry and White Choc, and Date. Just make a nice hot cup of tea, put on a movie for the kids (or put the babies to sleep) and I enjoyed those few precious moments to myself to recollect thoughts in my head. I must say that Chocolate mud was the first to be enjoyed in our household. It's our favourite as it's rich and has the best chocolate taste ever.
This is the date scone close-up. Personally I've never really liked anything related to dates/sultana's etc but it does ta…