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It's school holidays again. Gah. Two weeks of your kids incessantly asking "What are we doing today? Where are we going?" So if you're organised you would have booked your restless kids into some fun-filled activities with other restless, sugar driven bouncy kids who are screaming for some action. It means basically no time-out for yourself. This is where Bakers Delight comes in to save the day.

Bakers Delight sent me some yummy scones from their selection. I recieved Chocolate Mud, Berry and White Choc, and Date. Just make a nice hot cup of tea, put on a movie for the kids (or put the babies to sleep) and I enjoyed those few precious moments to myself to recollect thoughts in my head. I must say that Chocolate mud was the first to be enjoyed in our household. It's our favourite as it's rich and has the best chocolate taste ever.

This is the date scone close-up. Personally I've never really liked anything related to dates/sultana's etc but it does taste nice. But I did give the rest of the date scones to my elderly neighbours next door along with some berry scones. When I told him I had scones he initially didn't understand me until he said "scohnz", you know, the proper Aussie way of saying it. Ha ha. Yeah, sconz. I hoped that the sconz would have perked them up a bit as his wife has Alzheimers so life for them right now is tough.
A close-up of the delicious Choc Mud. It's a little dense due to the addition of choc chips but when you've tasted it, there'll be no stopping you from finishing off the rest and hiding them from your kids. Just a warning.
This is the Berry Scone opened up. It was really nice and not too sweet. It has blueberries and white chocolate which is a perfect combination for your taste buds. They were nice and fluffy. Mmmmmm.

So thankyou Bakers Delight again. For making my day. For reminding me that time-out is not only good for me but good for the family. It also means I don't have any washing up to do!!! So go on and remember to pick up some scones when you pass your local Bakers Delight store. * find your nearest location here *
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays with the kids and it's only for a short time so enjoy it while you can. See ya!


  1. We say 'skonz' too round here too ha ha! What can I say, we're the Aussiest half Chinese family you'll ever meet!


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