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Singlet sewing and an Egg Hunt book.

Hello everybody! I actually sewed something up for myself yesterday. This literally took me one day! Yes, I make simple sewing sound like it was a huge task but some times it is when you have four kids, plus husband, to take care of. But I digress, the other day I was at Big W and they had a clearance of these Avella brand knit shirts. They were only $3.50 so I grabbed the biggest size in this navy and white stripe knowing that one day I would make something from it.
I spent yesterday afternoon cutting it out using a singlet top that I wear to work as a pattern. I basically cut and eye-balled it all. I zoomed it through the  overlocker (even being too lazy to change the white thread) and only needed to finish the binding on the neckline and back bottom hem. I kept the front hem. Good thinking 99!

I kept going after the kids were home from school (disregarding the fact that I still have dinner to prepare). I didn't have enough of the knit for the binding though so I ended up using…