Singlet sewing and an Egg Hunt book.

Hello everybody! I actually sewed something up for myself yesterday. This literally took me one day! Yes, I make simple sewing sound like it was a huge task but some times it is when you have four kids, plus husband, to take care of. But I digress, the other day I was at Big W and they had a clearance of these Avella brand knit shirts. They were only $3.50 so I grabbed the biggest size in this navy and white stripe knowing that one day I would make something from it.

I spent yesterday afternoon cutting it out using a singlet top that I wear to work as a pattern. I basically cut and eye-balled it all. I zoomed it through the  overlocker (even being too lazy to change the white thread) and only needed to finish the binding on the neckline and back bottom hem. I kept the front hem. Good thinking 99!

I kept going after the kids were home from school (disregarding the fact that I still have dinner to prepare). I didn't have enough of the knit for the binding though so I ended up using a knit polo shirt that hubby brought home from work as it was a freebie. I did cut out pants for my son but I think they may be too wide. We shall see.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I stayed up last night after the kids were in bed and finished off the binding. Boy was that a bit of a task. I had no idea how much to cut up but eventually I had two strip pieces that I pinned in the arm holes and finished it all by midnight!!! I tried it on and I really like it. I thought it might be too big but it actually did some magical shrinkage as I sewed and it fits just right. It will be perfect for our Autumn which some days is still quite warm. But Winter is fast approaching and so are the cooler evenings. I'm so stoked I knocked this one out and it was a bargain. 

Scholastic sent us some more books and since Easter is just around the corner the kids devoured these Easter inspired books. In the picture above, my son has the book We're Going on an Egg Hunt by Laine Mitchell. It comes with a cd and Jay Laga'aia sings the story. My kids could spent hours listening and following the story. They never tire of listening to the song and they all love it, no matter the age.

Michael knows how to use the laptop so he keeps playing it for his brother and sisters. He doesn't need me to do anything which helps me out when it's cooking time. They all crowd around eagerly waiting for the music to start.

We've also got some first readers so I will see how he goes with those books and let you know and I shall run another giveaway too! Just thinking out loud, books would be a great present instead of chocolate eggs and bunnies since my kids recieve an abundance of them and it's not good for their diet.

I've come up with this idea that I could possibly get some Easter dresses make up for the girls. Remember that pink spot fabric I bought in the last post? Well, I do have some patterns I could whip up some dresses from and the girls should be so happy to wear on Easter Sunday. I shall get started soon but for now, my floor needs mopping. Hope you all enjoy this hump day and the rest of your week.


  1. What a great idea! My kids usually get so much chocolate at Easter time … books would be a great alternative.


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