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Kathleen's Pettiskirt

Kathleen of Grosgrain has done it again. She's made the cutest, fluffiest, pettiskirts.If I knew how to make my own I would give it a go. My Little girl is such a girly girl.She would twirl in this skirt until the cows come home.I probably won't win this giveaway but you must check out Kathleen's latest designs. She really has an eye and talent for sewing.I'm feeling a bit better now so hoping to get a new project started soon.

It's been a while

Photo by Luke Burgess

I'm so sorry I haven't been on-line for a while. You see, I have been sick with a throat infection. I've been extremely tired and I have some news... I'm so crafty I'm brewing a bun in the oven! I'm kind of excited but mostly, exhausted! Plus with the sickness I am also not allowed to take any medication. It is truly a dilemma but one that us 'mum' have to presevere through without whining. Hubby has been really great and looking after the little ones while I am trying to look after myself and the newest little one.So, with that being said I'm sure I'll be sewing up some maternity patterns for myself, along with some cute baby stuff too.Ahh, time for a nanna nap. Take care my dear friends. I promise that I will be back soon.

Ready, Set-y, Go-eeeee!

The weather has taken a turn for the better and it rained the other day.
Which is relieving as the bushfires in Victoria are still burning and taking lives.
My prayers go out to those who have lost their children, parents, friends and pets.

Melly and Me are holding silent auctions to raise funds for the appeal.

With the rain came cooler temps and I took the opportunity to pop my Little Man into the overalls. Apologies for the blurry pics but a runaway toddler makes for a difficult photoshoot.

He seems to fit it perfectly. I did have to adjust the buttons on the straps though as the top was falling down. I'm glad it fit without my added seam allowance in the pattern.

This is one with the flash on so it took away the blurriness but gives you dark shadows.

I love seeing him in it. He looks very cute.

Oh on another note, I stuffed up on the layout of the pieces. I totally forgot about the fact that corduroy has 'nap', which means that there is a direction on the fabric and it does lo…
Finally, something for my Little Man.
I borrowed the recent Ottobre mag from a very good blogging friend of mine - Sarah-Jo.
In it has this very cute and easy pattern for boys overalls.

It was really easy to put together. I cut out the size 80cms forgetting to include seam allowances.
It seems to fit him so far as I tried it the other night.
It's just too darn hot to put it on him any time soon.
Temps here will get up to 39 Celsius or 102 Farenheit. It's meant to be sweltering all week. Yuck.

I do wonder if it will still fit by the time it gets cold enough to wear.
Anyway, I put some ric rac on the pockets which I'm not really liking at the moment.
I do, however, love the cute little blue buttons with the white dots.

On a different note I got my first blog award from Sarah-Jo.
She is indeed a very good blog friend.

Proximidade is described as:

'This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind b…

Eye candy

It's really good to have sisters. It's especially good when one of them works from home,
allowing you to drop your seeds of destruction for an hour or so to go fabric shopping!

So off I happily went, also feeling a little guilty as we mother's do.
I grabbed a trolley and strolled through the aisles looking for treasures.

An hour and a bit later, could have been longer, probably was longer (I wasn't keeping time)
I went to the counter and was met with great enthusiasm by my favourite lady there, Kristina. She is sooooofabulous. She makes you feel as if you've made the most wonderful choices in the entire world.

She praises each fabric bolt and guesses what you'll end up making with each selection.
She then made some specials for me. Such as saying I had 2.2mtrs of the pink stuff at $4 /mtr, instead of measuring what was left on the bolt.
She gave me $3/mtr of the left over quilted calico, instead of it's usual $9.95 tag.
The Oriental quilting above came up as $5/mtr …