Kathleen's Pettiskirt

Kathleen of Grosgrain has done it again. She's made the cutest, fluffiest, pettiskirts.

If I knew how to make my own I would give it a go. My Little girl is such a girly girl.

She would twirl in this skirt until the cows come home.

I probably won't win this giveaway but you must check out Kathleen's latest designs. She really has an eye and talent for sewing.

I'm feeling a bit better now so hoping to get a new project started soon.


  1. Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback, glad you found the tutorial helpful! I am not going to attempt the above skirt any time soon but did make this very quick and easy skirt for my daughter out of spotted tulle from spotlight! $9.95 p/m I only used 1/2m folded in half!!



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