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Possum Magic Celebrates 30yrs; Giveaway!

"For 30 years Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted children and adults alike. Mem Fox’s lovable characters, little Hush and Grandma Poss, together with Julie Vivas’ exquisite illustrations, weave a story of pure magic. Continuously in print since it was first published by Omnibus Books in 1983, Possum Magic has been embraced as a timeless Australian tale.  Let’s keep it in publication for other generations to enjoy!" - Scholastic

When I read this story to my children they were captivated by the beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed the story about invisible Hush and his adventure across Australia with Grandma Poss. It's a lovely read and my eldest can read it to her brothers and sister.

We actually do have some possums visiting in the evening. They love to climb the big Jacaranda tree and scurry around looking for food. The kids watch them with fascination although they do leave poo bits in the cubby house (ewwww).

In honour of this milestone Scholastic have kindly sent…

New Look 6128

I had seen that Spotlight had a New Look pattern 50% off pattern sale. Since I am in need of a good skirt pattern off I went with the little ones and decided to on this pattern. If you're a Spotlight member you get an extra 10% off on top so it was awesome to pick up this pattern at under $5.

So I was all excited and found the rare denim piece I've been stashing away since the last pair of terrible shorts I made (while I was preggies with number 4). It was just enough to eeeck out a size 10 which was very promising in my mind since most skirts I find in size 10 are on the larger scale.  
Moving forward after a day or so of feverish sewing while some kids slept and others were at school I was nearing the finish line. (I still have the zipper and waistband and hems to do). Then I decided to try it on. My heart was beating and pulse racing (I've always been a tad melodramatic).

I didn't like those front pleats that seemed to emphasize my belly, …

Sprucing up the kids room

This is the my eldest girl's side of the room. Complete with plastic bag for those nights when her nose goes a bit crazy and she sneezes a billion times before she falls asleep. I wanted to sew up something so I decided to make up a cushion for her. I used some fat quarters from Spotlight (bought when they were on sale) which is very useful and a great size. 

I couldn't resist those ballerina's. They are too cute. I have a matching ballerina shoes fabric which is next on the cushion list. That cushion goes to the other daughter. I followed Martha Stewarts cushion instructions (with zipper) but I rushed so there's a tiny bit of ripple at the end.
At least the Thai basil is growing in the bath garden, if not much else apart from grass. The mint is growing too but not in abundance as I'd like. I have some Italian basil just waiting to be made into pesto and some parsley is growing kindly for me too.
 Oh and a few weeks back when Ikea were having a sale on these drawe…