New Look 6128

I had seen that Spotlight had a New Look pattern 50% off pattern sale. Since I am in need of a good skirt pattern off I went with the little ones and decided to on this pattern. If you're a Spotlight member you get an extra 10% off on top so it was awesome to pick up this pattern at under $5.

So I was all excited and found the rare denim piece I've been stashing away since the last pair of terrible shorts I made (while I was preggies with number 4). It was just enough to eeeck out a size 10 which was very promising in my mind since most skirts I find in size 10 are on the larger scale.  

Moving forward after a day or so of feverish sewing while some kids slept and others were at school I was nearing the finish line. (I still have the zipper and waistband and hems to do). Then I decided to try it on. My heart was beating and pulse racing (I've always been a tad melodramatic).


I didn't like those front pleats that seemed to emphasize my belly, which still doesn't protract even after having said number 4 baby. The rest of the skirt was fine and if I sucked in my breath I could possibly go for the size 10. I really liked the pockets (my first ones!) but I think either the denim was too thick or I'm over exaggerating. I have this thing about my belly. It bulges out of everything and is the last place I lose weight.

After chomping down some Lean Cuisine (excellent choice; it was a delicious cracked pepper and chicken Steam one). I decided I couldn't bear to go ahead with tackling the zipper. I just hated those pleats. In the picture it doesn't look too bad but you know us girls, we know when something doesn't look right. Hmmmm.

What to do.......
tear out the waistband and remove pleats?
finish off and let it 'grow' on me?
try the pattern using a lighter weight material?

Your thoughts?

*stay tuned, giveaway coming up next


  1. I like the pleats, I think it makes your skirt look more casual and comfortable. It looks a bit too big in the back though? I can't see a hint of belly at all in these photos, but I can fully understand wanting to cover up your waistline after kids


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