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Post Easter

Happy Easter everyone and especially the Orthodox who will be celebrating it this weekend! Wow, it always goes so quickly but it's always the best time of the year. We had a really nice Easter and I even got to do a reading at church for Palm Sunday. At least I fit into a nice 'church' dress that I hardly ever wear. I don't have any pictures of it though. It was from Target. 

This year I really was thinking about donuts and got the recipe ready but come Saturday I was like, I have no time or energy for this. I must have done about 4 loads of washing and was exhausted. So I was like, let's just make brownies. So I cheated and got two boxes of triple-choc brownie mix from Aldi and wow, they got eaten up within 5 minutes when dessert was ready. They were really good!!!

On Monday, as hubby was working, I had a swim day with my sisters and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The weather was so warm and by afternoon quite hot. We washed up and headed out to a cafe f…