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Celebrating the Boy : Basic Pants

I am so excited that I am following and joining in the fun this month. Dana of MADE and Rae of Made by Rae are Celebrating the Boy this month with lots of great giveaways, tutorials and guest blogs all about boys.

Last night I printed out the pattern for the Basic Pants and today I thoroughly enjoyed sewing it. I must say this free pattern is by far the best pattern for boys pants that I have come across. The construction really comes along so easily using Dana's method of sewing the front pieces at the crotch and back pieces at the crotch, then placing them right sides together and sewing the rest. They fit my 3yr old son really well. You may like to add a bit more room in the crotch if they wear a nappy and add a bit more width to the waist.

I made enlarged the pattern for Little Miss 4 and I think it turned out really well. This is a beautiful birdy voile I picked up in the remnant section at Spotlight and was just enough to make her a pair of pants with some scraps left over. It&#…

Maternity Shorts or a Comedy of Errors

This is my first pair of low waisted maternity shorts I made myself.
I even drafted the pattern myself after I couldn't source a Kwik Sew shorts pattern that I wanted. I copied the front and back sections from a decent pair of black shorts I owned and transferred that to this lovely dark slub denim from Spotlight which was only $12/mtr. I bought 1.5mtrs but only needed about 1mtr. While hubby had the kids at his brothers I quickly cleaned and then got to cutting/sewing my pieces up.
First up I had chalked out my front and back pieces on the denim while I lay them out on the floor.
I made the error of not folding the fabric so I would get a front and back piece. I get a bit confused with laying out patterns and since this was my own.... I was waiting for my first error.
So when I sewed the fronts and backs together I had identical pieces, instead of a left piece and right piece. See below for the correct pieces when sewn together (fronts to backs at inner leg seam and outer leg seam)

I …