Maternity Shorts or a Comedy of Errors

This is my first pair of low waisted maternity shorts I made myself.

I even drafted the pattern myself after I couldn't source a Kwik Sew shorts pattern that I wanted. I copied the front and back sections from a decent pair of black shorts I owned and transferred that to this lovely dark slub denim from Spotlight which was only $12/mtr. I bought 1.5mtrs but only needed about 1mtr. While hubby had the kids at his brothers I quickly cleaned and then got to cutting/sewing my pieces up.

First up I had chalked out my front and back pieces on the denim while I lay them out on the floor.

I made the error of not folding the fabric so I would get a front and back piece.
I get a bit confused with laying out patterns and since this was my own.... I was waiting for my first error.

So when I sewed the fronts and backs together I had identical pieces, instead of a left piece and right piece. See below for the correct pieces when sewn together (fronts to backs at inner leg seam and outer leg seam)

I think I will just use the extra wrong piece to make Miss 4 a pair of shorts.

Anyway, moving right along, I flipped my pattern and cut up an alternate piece. I managed to get my two pieces sewn together correctly at the crotch and they turned out a bit roomy. I had to leave it at that for a few days because hubby had come home by then. Mummy duties take over somehow once he comes home. I don't know how that works out.

A few days later I was itching to finish off these plain shorts and I put in two darts at the back and then took in the sides with my overlocker. Well that was a plain old bad idea because when I pinned in the spandex covered elastic waistband it was well short of room (excuse the pun).

I had to un-pick my darts and shorten the waistband. The end result meant that they are a bit more fitted around the waist than I'd liked but a lesson learned. I should have measured the waistband first and made the waist part of the shorts accordingly.
I decided to overlock the denim so it wouldn't fray and while I did this I also managed to nip a folded part of the front piece and now there's a 8cm sewn line just below the waist but you can only tell if you look close at it so I'll be wearing long maternity tops with these shorts.

Still they look pretty good and I am happy with this experiment.
Better than paying $20 for a pair of maternity shorts.

For my next pair I'd like to make a cuffed version maybe from the Burda website).
I like this one by Nikkishell but cos I can't have any waistbands it's a bit un-necessary.

I really like the colour of the denim though. It's a rather dark denim and my camera just won't take the correct colour of it. Time for a new camera, methinks.

This is my lonely cushion. I made it last month in a bid to freshen up our lounge and get rid of old cushions. I love the colour. It's Tiles in Dusty Blue from Robert Kaufmans Metro Living range from Hawthorne Threads. I knew I would love it. I plan to make another one for the other side and replace two other old cushions.

Someone else loves it too and it's extra comfy with a new insert (46cm insert, $4.50 Spotlight)
This little babe is now walking so I don't really have a little baby anymore : (

She's too cute for words though. Look at the cheeky smile.

Miss 4 started preschool last week! She's sitting tentatively at her desk and while it was a very quiet first day (of two days) she is enjoying it now that she had more friends and recieved a Busy Bee award for packing up her things (yes, mummy has trained her well!)
A big relief for us as we were worried she wasn't enjoying the 'school' experience.

Pre-school here is the year before they start Kindergarten or their very first year of full-time school.

I am grateful for Preschool and my two good friends whom I had Yum-cha with the other day.
It was very therapeutic as I don't get out to play much so I felt a little bit grown-up and not tied with the kids even though I did have two of them with me and so did they.

Is this what mummies do? I guess so and good for them for doing so and looking after themselves.

After all, Dr Phil says you have to look after your children's mummy!


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