Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've been quilting!

This is some secret squirrel business that came to me out of the blue. A group of on-line friends whom I have known for a while now, almost 3 years as we came together from a pregnancy forum. Was that even a sentence? Who cares. I can't even read this properly.

Anyway, one of them had it tough with her second child who was ill since he entered into this world and I thought we could make a quilt for that special little boy. I don't think she reads my blog so it's safe to say this is not going to spoil the surprise. We chose the fabric and someone cut out the circles and I finished the quilt top. It was easier than I expected and more quickly than you'd think. Isn't it cute? Next I have to do the backing and binding.

For the backing we already have this stars and stripes from Spotlight and I am going to create a design for our special message on the back. That will be the next post which will host a giveaway of the software I used. So as usual, stay tuned.

And for those who are curious, my eyesight is still a bit blurry but clearing up especially for short distances. It does seem to fluctuate for long distance as I drive. I can see long distances but it's not 20/20 yet. It does feel so good not to wear glasses or to use my contacts but still annoying that I have to wait for clear eyesight another few weeks. I did play basketball on Sunday (which was the end of the two week ban) and I had the game of my life! I scored a career high of 16 points with my first 3 pointer in like, forever! So if anything the laser surgery had corrected my shooting skills, lol.

Now we're in school holiday mode so it's out to the movies today and a really busy time with all the kids at home with me. I might be needing that left over Xanax by the end of it.

So tell me, what are you doing these holidays?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Laser Eye Surgery

< feeling sleepy
Blogger doesn't like any of my camera pictures at the moment so I can't show you the pictures taken while I was having my eye's lasered. Here are the pics that Blogger decided it would upload of my eye surgery. I finally decided not to wait any longer and after I saw an advertisement at the local medical centre for the Sebban Eye Centre I decided to see if I was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. The check only takes 30mins and boy was I glad to hear that I was! I booked an appointment the very next day but I had to still wait 6weeks.
< during the laser!

A week has passed now and I still have slightly blurry vision since having TransPRK or Advanced Surface Laser. Sometimes when I use the saline drops I have clear vision even from the kitchen to the lounge which is fantastic. I just wish it would hurry up so I can get on with things. I have to have IE at 125% otherwise I find it hard to read and I haven't been on the net for a few days now.
< Dr Sebban holding my forehead

I can tell you that my experience, thus far, with laser eye surgery at The Sebban Eye Centre was fantastic. The Laser counsellor was informative and caring. She scared me a little when she showed us the schedule of when I should take all these eyedrops and pain relieving meds but I actually only used the eye drops from my post-op bag. The other ladies who checked my eyes were friendly too. The centre ran like clockwork with a handful of other laser clients waiting at the same time. Dr Ilan Sebban was really lovely and laid back. He was really making sure that my correction was going to be correct and tested my right eye a few extra times. Sure, lens 1 or 2 wasn't all that different when he switched them on my eye but he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to change my mind and I really didn't. I was probably on the table for about 10mins or so and lasering only takes 20secs per eye. Don't take my word for it cos I was a bit excited and sleepy. I did both my eyes and my script was only -1.00/-1.25 but I really dislike wearing glasses/contacts and all the rigmarol of finding them, putting them in, making sure the kids don't break them etc. It's all too much hassle for me.

I thought it was so awesome being lasered though and watching the white light lasering away. It could have been a bit of the drugs kicking in but man, laser technology is so so cool. You do smell the smoke and hear the laser like a static sound. I felt fine during and afterwards. I made hubby take some pics. I slept most of the way home while hubby drove us from the city. I don't recall looking at the pictures once we got home but the sleep was absolutely THE.BEST.SLEEP.OF.MY.LIFE! All mums should get some Xanax into them once in a while. That stuff freaking rocks. I slept from 4pm - 9pm, wokeup, had a sandwich and went back to sleep til about 7.30am.
The sunlight was way too bright so we kept the blinds closed and I even went with the older two to a birthday party with my sunnies on. I couldn't believe how my eyes felt fine.

Anyway, I can drive now although really I don't know if I'd pass a driving eye exam right now. Ssshhhhh. I can do normal things except read up close (which I had no problems doing beforehand) and I'll have fluctuating vision for a few weeks until my eyes heal. I would absolutely recommend laser eye surgery at Dr Sebban's but I can't guarantee your results will be like mine... so far. It was cheap compared to other eye centres and I paid $60 for meds but if you want to save a bit just buy your own Systane Eye drops for a cheaper price.

You will need a a carer to drive you back after 4 days to take out the contact lens they place over your eyes and you definately won't be able to see clearly for at least one week so take a few weeks off if your work requires you to drive or read close-up or further away. You'll need someone to drive to pick-up the kids, do groceries etc. for a week.

I'll upload some pics if Blogger decides to change it's mind and give me a valid responses from it's server, arghhhhh.

Normal blogging should resume pending my vision.

*This review is based on my own personal experience and I have not been paid for this honest review.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Fairy Party

Over the weekend we celebrated Little Miss finally turning 6 and Father's Day.
I had been planning this party for one whole month as it was the first party we've had at home. I was so happy but a bit nervous when the day arrived and kept thinking I was forgetting something on the day (it was the corn cobs!). But everything went to plan and I was so happy for her and all who attended. 

Here I am with a cheesy smile as we were cutting her cake. It was a home-made one made by her aunt and we had frosted it and decorated it on the day (a bit stressful but fun). Come 1pm, when the party was starting, I was worried that no-one would turn up. I mean, I could hear the birds and apart from my sister's family being there, she only had 1 friend from school turn up. I asked her during the two weeks prior "Are you sure you don't want to invite anyone else?" I had only got two rsvp's and was rather disappointed. Is this how mother's are suppose to feel? I felt sad for her but our other friends turned up and little cousins so eventually by 1.30pm we had a house full of little kids being entertained by the Fairy and I was relieved. Really, really, relieved.
I borrowed this cupcake stand and I found the cutest princess cupcake patty pans from the cheap store ($2.95 for a pack of 25). They were food grade so I could cook directly into them and came out really lovely. The fairy sprinkles really added that special flair to them. I made the cupcakes from scratch that morning (I had burned the choc ones the night before). I was told they tasted delicious though the day after they were a bit dense.

Here's the gang of little kids with the Fairy Mary. I had booked Fairy Good Times and she did a fantastic job with the kids. They all loved the show she put on. Even the boys were really involved. The kids laughed, recieved gifts and had their faces painted.

This was taken just before the fairy left and all the kids went outside. I was glad the kids had the lounge as it was a bit windy outside so the mothers sat in comfort with their little kids and watched the show. Although it was a little pricey I am so glad we had the fairy for her.

 We also got a jumping castle which arrived just on time. They had a few hold-ups with other customers and the castle is still at my house waiting to be picked-up. I loved it and the kids had fun on it too. It was a big Barbie one from Jumping Rascals.

My sister put on the bubble machine and you know it's always a huge hit. Something about bubbles draws the kids to them. They can play for ages trying to bust them. A good bubble machine is all you need for the smaller babies and toddlers.
 Here's the cake. I wrote the message on it with decorator gel. It is hard to write but I think it turned out nice. I wanted to buy some store cake and decorate it myself but my sis in law wanted to make one for her and I didn't want to argue with her so she went ahead and stressed herself out while making it and trying to get it frosted in time. I think it looks great. I ordered the Barbie fairy from e-bay and the pink sprinkles, little fairies and cachous from Coles.

My sister's put up butterfly wings around the place. My father-in-law (bless him) put up the streamers which made it look more festive. These were all last minute things but could have been done much earlier to save time.

This is the dessert stage where I was cutting cake and people were still pretty full from lunch! Haa haa. I didn't bring out tea and coffee but I'm sure not many adults would have wanted any and with kids around you don't want hot water just laying around waiting to be tipped over.

I made Mars Bar slice (pictured) and we cut up fruit onto serving plates. Looks delicious and healthy! I also made tiramisu which was made the day before to save heaps of time. We were really pooped by the end of the day but I loved every second of it. We're just not having another home party any time soon!!!