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< feeling sleepy
Blogger doesn't like any of my camera pictures at the moment so I can't show you the pictures taken while I was having my eye's lasered. Here are the pics that Blogger decided it would upload of my eye surgery. I finally decided not to wait any longer and after I saw an advertisement at the local medical centre for the Sebban Eye Centre I decided to see if I was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. The check only takes 30mins and boy was I glad to hear that I was! I booked an appointment the very next day but I had to still wait 6weeks.
< during the laser!

A week has passed now and I still have slightly blurry vision since having TransPRK or Advanced Surface Laser. Sometimes when I use the saline drops I have clear vision even from the kitchen to the lounge which is fantastic. I just wish it would hurry up so I can get on with things. I have to have IE at 125% otherwise I find it hard to read and I haven't been on the net for a few days now.
< Dr Sebban holding my forehead

I can tell you that my experience, thus far, with laser eye surgery at The Sebban Eye Centre was fantastic. The Laser counsellor was informative and caring. She scared me a little when she showed us the schedule of when I should take all these eyedrops and pain relieving meds but I actually only used the eye drops from my post-op bag. The other ladies who checked my eyes were friendly too. The centre ran like clockwork with a handful of other laser clients waiting at the same time. Dr Ilan Sebban was really lovely and laid back. He was really making sure that my correction was going to be correct and tested my right eye a few extra times. Sure, lens 1 or 2 wasn't all that different when he switched them on my eye but he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to change my mind and I really didn't. I was probably on the table for about 10mins or so and lasering only takes 20secs per eye. Don't take my word for it cos I was a bit excited and sleepy. I did both my eyes and my script was only -1.00/-1.25 but I really dislike wearing glasses/contacts and all the rigmarol of finding them, putting them in, making sure the kids don't break them etc. It's all too much hassle for me.

I thought it was so awesome being lasered though and watching the white light lasering away. It could have been a bit of the drugs kicking in but man, laser technology is so so cool. You do smell the smoke and hear the laser like a static sound. I felt fine during and afterwards. I made hubby take some pics. I slept most of the way home while hubby drove us from the city. I don't recall looking at the pictures once we got home but the sleep was absolutely THE.BEST.SLEEP.OF.MY.LIFE! All mums should get some Xanax into them once in a while. That stuff freaking rocks. I slept from 4pm - 9pm, wokeup, had a sandwich and went back to sleep til about 7.30am.
The sunlight was way too bright so we kept the blinds closed and I even went with the older two to a birthday party with my sunnies on. I couldn't believe how my eyes felt fine.

Anyway, I can drive now although really I don't know if I'd pass a driving eye exam right now. Ssshhhhh. I can do normal things except read up close (which I had no problems doing beforehand) and I'll have fluctuating vision for a few weeks until my eyes heal. I would absolutely recommend laser eye surgery at Dr Sebban's but I can't guarantee your results will be like mine... so far. It was cheap compared to other eye centres and I paid $60 for meds but if you want to save a bit just buy your own Systane Eye drops for a cheaper price.

You will need a a carer to drive you back after 4 days to take out the contact lens they place over your eyes and you definately won't be able to see clearly for at least one week so take a few weeks off if your work requires you to drive or read close-up or further away. You'll need someone to drive to pick-up the kids, do groceries etc. for a week.

I'll upload some pics if Blogger decides to change it's mind and give me a valid responses from it's server, arghhhhh.

Normal blogging should resume pending my vision.

*This review is based on my own personal experience and I have not been paid for this honest review.


  1. Thank you so much. I will be going to sebbans for surgery this friday and this is helping my nerves.
    Thanks again.


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  3. It’s cool, isn’t it? Because of the latest technologies these days, surgeries as delicate as an eye surgery do not take hours for completion. Since your laser eye surgery was a success, no more hassles of putting contact lenses or wearing eyeglasses for you anymore. ^___^ What a relief it must be for you!

    Cami Hood

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  8. Thank you so much for writing about your experience - it really helps me gain the courage to actually go in myself!

  9. The above pictures and your experience on laser eye surgery will really help people, who get scared of surgeries.

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