Thursday, June 27, 2013

A life giving moment

Yesterday, I spent the day at the hospital laying in a bed for about 4.5hours. Each of my arms had a needle plugged in. One arm had blood going out, the other blood going in. Apparently I made a lot of stem cells (thanks to the injections) which was enough for my sister's now small frame. This is afterwards when I went to visit her. She would have been given my stem cells that afternoon but it would only take her around 30mins.

She said I saved her life. I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

Thanks be to God always.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So little time

There are times when I think, gosh, there just isn't enough time to do anything for myself. Then I remember that if I just carve out little bits of time here and there I might be able to slow down a little and enjoy some peace-out time for myself. It's good for the soul, you know. 

So, last week while the youngest (who just turned 2) was asleep, I sat down and cut out the Wiksten Tova Top pattern and pieced it together. Then I let the eldest (now 6.5yrs) cut out some pieces for me. She cut out the blocks and then I cut closer to the line afterwards. It made for some nice time together.

I also HAD to buy Noodlehead's Super Tote pattern. I had seen Aneela Hoey's version and I knew it was one of those patterns I had to have, which would also be a perfect Christmas/Teacher/Friend gift. I just hope to do it justice by using pretty matching prints.

I also found this brilliant gem from my library: Essentials of Baking, Williams-Sonoma style. It is an AWESOME book. I think I might have to buy my own copy. The dollar is doing very badly against the green back so I'll put it on my Christmas wishlist.

There are sooo many great tips and recipes for a huge range of bakery sweets. I can't wait to get baking but I know my waistline will be paying for it. So much for the diet hey. And here it's Winter so all I can think about is baking and soup.

So what's this wierd stuff above you ask? Well, it's a self-injecting kit from the hospital. Before you raise your eyebrows let me explain. I'm the matching bone marrow donor for my sister (yay) who has (mild) leukaemia (not so yay) so I've started the process of getting ready which means I have to inject a hormone which stimulates your stem cell production. It's four days of twice a day (morning and night) injections. Thank God for my belly fat as I was really terrified of even thinking about self-injecting but I got past this morning's hurdle. I did it this morning and it's rather painless so far but oh so very wierd. I will never be a nurse at this rate.

I go in on Wednesday for the 4-5hours of the transplant and she'll get my stem cells in the evening. So, let's get praying and I'm sure it will turn out great.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Live Well Go Orange

Orange you glad its Friday?! Ha ha. As part of living a healthy lifestyle I am taking on a 10 day orange challenge. No, not all at once. An orange a day. See, I can do an apple a day but it hasn't kept the doctor away so maybe oranges are the way to go. There are heaps of benefits to eating an orange and I've also been buying 100% orange juice that's not made of any reconstituted orange juice (which has no health benefits) for my family, particularly my kids who use to guzzle down that stuff.

You can buy Navel or Valencia oranges which are pretty cheap right now.
What's so good about 1 Orange?

* It contains powerful antioxidants good for keeping those colds away.
* 64mg of Vitamin C (nearly 1.5times your daily rec)
* Naturally high water content
* High in potassium and Low in sodium
* Baby friendly folate
* Immune-friendly nutrients
* A potent bundle of heart-healthy nutrients.

So today I cut up an orange and let my taste buds do the talking.
It's been a while as I'm not normally an orange person (so lazy, I hate cutting them up) but it's really, really delicious!!! The organic type has the perfect amount of sweetness and you feel great because it's not a bad snack food either! No guilt!

So if you'd like to get some healthy in you, then I'd say reach for an orange the next time you're feeling like a snack. There are also other great uses for oranges like maybe this chicken and orange salad from

Orange hommus:
Pop chickpeas, orange juice, orange rind, tahini, garlic, puree, cumin and coriander in a food processor. Switch on and voila!!!

It all looks delicious so I think oranges are definately a keeper on my grocery list.
Have a happy, healthy weekend.