Live Well Go Orange

Orange you glad its Friday?! Ha ha. As part of living a healthy lifestyle I am taking on a 10 day orange challenge. No, not all at once. An orange a day. See, I can do an apple a day but it hasn't kept the doctor away so maybe oranges are the way to go. There are heaps of benefits to eating an orange and I've also been buying 100% orange juice that's not made of any reconstituted orange juice (which has no health benefits) for my family, particularly my kids who use to guzzle down that stuff.

You can buy Navel or Valencia oranges which are pretty cheap right now.
What's so good about 1 Orange?

* It contains powerful antioxidants good for keeping those colds away.
* 64mg of Vitamin C (nearly 1.5times your daily rec)
* Naturally high water content
* High in potassium and Low in sodium
* Baby friendly folate
* Immune-friendly nutrients
* A potent bundle of heart-healthy nutrients.

So today I cut up an orange and let my taste buds do the talking.
It's been a while as I'm not normally an orange person (so lazy, I hate cutting them up) but it's really, really delicious!!! The organic type has the perfect amount of sweetness and you feel great because it's not a bad snack food either! No guilt!

So if you'd like to get some healthy in you, then I'd say reach for an orange the next time you're feeling like a snack. There are also other great uses for oranges like maybe this chicken and orange salad from

Orange hommus:
Pop chickpeas, orange juice, orange rind, tahini, garlic, puree, cumin and coriander in a food processor. Switch on and voila!!!

It all looks delicious so I think oranges are definately a keeper on my grocery list.
Have a happy, healthy weekend.


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