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Good things

He's a keeper that man of mine. Whilst I went out shopping he prepared this for lunch. I have missed eating fresh seafood while being pregnant, amongst other things like cold feta. This was yummy and quite filling.
This cute little face but my what a handful it is to take care of him sometimes. At least there are smiles of appreciation.
A spot of sewing. Lincraft had 40% off so I decided to pick up a quilt cover for hubby's bed. They only had Queen size available. Do they hide the sizes you're after when they have sales? I picked up the Queen set for $18 and took off 15cms from each side to make it to fit a double bed. Now the dimensions are 180 x 210. Sweet!!!
I've been doing so much shopping as of late. It's a bit mental actually. Draining both mind and wallet. I've been to Costco.. twice! One day with sis in law and the next hubby. The afternoon session was less packed than the day session. It's quite the hype right now. Unfortunately that is all that it is.
I know …


This morning the clouds came over and it felt and looked really Wintery. I decided it was a good day to bake so after my morning cuppa I measured out two batches of dough and left them to prove.

The first batch was made into pizza's and a Lebanese Za'atar bread. Yumm. The second batch was made into Spinach, Feta and Mushroom pull-apart. Halfway through I realised I had some of that thick yoghurt I made recently which would be superb in the mix. The pull-apart Recipe from I love that site and go there frequently.
 Still adoring his big brown eyes. He is feeding better and sleeping a bit better for me at night now as well.
A bit predictable with no earlier than me getting to bed around midnight. Wake up for first feed around 3am, sleep not long after, wake up at 4am realising the light is left on, turn it off, get comfy in bed then wake up around 6am - 7am for next feed. My circadian rhythm is use to it now so I'm not really that tired if I can sleep in til 8am wit…