Good things

He's a keeper that man of mine. Whilst I went out shopping he prepared this for lunch.
I have missed eating fresh seafood while being pregnant, amongst other things like cold feta.
This was yummy and quite filling.

This cute little face but my what a handful it is to take care of him sometimes.
At least there are smiles of appreciation.

A spot of sewing. Lincraft had 40% off so I decided to pick up a quilt cover for hubby's bed.
They only had Queen size available. Do they hide the sizes you're after when they have sales?
I picked up the Queen set for $18 and took off 15cms from each side to make it to fit a double bed. Now the dimensions are 180 x 210. Sweet!!!

I've been doing so much shopping as of late. It's a bit mental actually. Draining both mind and wallet.
I've been to Costco.. twice! One day with sis in law and the next hubby.
The afternoon session was less packed than the day session. It's quite the hype right now.
Unfortunately that is all that it is.

I know my prices. The supermarket sales are better or the same as Costco grocery items.
For eg. they sell Sorbent 2ply, 48 rolls at $21.99. You can get roughly same at Coles for Quilton 3ply ($10/ 20 rolls)

I did however, find some bargains. Levi 501 buttonfly jeans for men  for $46, Cold Power Advanced with Cuddly 9kg tub $34.95 (coupon special), Dons ham at $10/kg (you have to slice it at home), Lee Kum Kee Prem Soy Sauce 1.5ltrs $7 (or something like that), Steggles Breast Fillet $8/kg (coupon special).

You really have to know your prices otherwise you'll be paying more for some items. Their milk was a few cents cheaper as the TipTop/Sunblest bread but their fresh veg were expensive except the big plastic box of mixed lettuce.I was surprised and happy to see that many Australian owned companies supplied bulk items to them (Steggles, Lilydale, TipTop. Sunblest etc)

The disadvantages of Costco is having to be a member and if you take two guests with you the items must be paid by the member. It's a huge warehouse and you can spend a good few hours there checking out each corner and calculating prices in your head. Plus there were other trolleys to avoid and long checkout queues.

I must say it was good for us to buy in bulk and with some party occasions coming up it's worth buying their mud cake $21.99 for a massive pizza size one. The downside is having to pay membership if you're not sharing it with family and the car park can be annoying if it's busy.

Enough shopping for me for now. I am so over it......


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