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A short birth story

A short version of my labour day :
As this was my 3rd baby I was quite curious as to how it was going to happen. I've heard both the horror and the good stories. My last one was very fast and drug free so I was hoping for the same.

My 39th week rolled around and I was getting a few pains and Braxton Hicks during the day. I didn't think anything would be happening until 4pm. The pains were getting strong and I had to stop for them. After 45mins of this I call the labour suite (sounds glamorous, doesn't it?)
The midwife said I could come in so I kick hubby into gear, who took his time getting ready.
It only took us 15mins to get there and didn't have one contraction the whole way. Once I got out of the car though I had to breathe and swing through one leaning on the back of the car.

We got up to the reception and after sorting out our files our midwife Stephanie takes us to the labour room. Our hospital (Westmead) is state of the art, has a brand spanking new labour ward and …

FMF Giveaway

I've never bought any of the Flea Market Fancy range. I discovered it and then it went out of production :( There's a petition on trying to get it printed again. Click HERE to sign up.

If you head on over to Sew Take a Hike you can enter into another great giveaway.
I am really hoping they do print Flea Market Fancy again cos it's just a wonderful selection of yummy prints. My favourite are the seeds and I would just buy them in all the colours.


Soul food

Hello people. I'm still here. Still sane. Not much to show though I did try to make a camera cover and failed miserably. If you know of a good tute let me know. Hubby bought me a new toy. It was on special so he decided I should have it. When I saw how shiny and black it was I was in love. Now I can blog in bliss.
On the kiddies front I am doing well. We've reached the magical 6weeks and settling much better. Bub was colicky but is doing better since I've been watching what I've been eating. No acidic foods, less caffeine and stuff that gives you wind.

I took them all out yesterday to a community expo and it was heaps fun. It was easier than I thought. Craft tables do keep them busy. We had the good 'ol sausage and bread and I caught up with other mums who freak out when they meet all my kids. So nice to connect with others you know. Good for the soul. The boy had fun running away from me in the school play field. Luckily I had Little Miss go fetch him which she delig…

The Madison Lamp Review + giveaway link

This is one part of my creative space. It's newest addition is my new lamp.
I was sooo excited when Buyster Lightingsent it to me because I find it quite hard to sew with the eco globe in the ceiling. As I try to do some sewing in the evenings I really needed good lighting.

The Madison lamp is a one light desk lamp in a black finish.
It uses a standard (not bayonet) bulb up to 60W.

The best feature for me is it's spring-reinforced adjustable arm.
I can bend the head and the arm so it shines directly at my needle so I can see where I am sewing. This is particularly great when I am doing appliqueing.

It has a heavy desk mount is not too heavy and not too light :: so it stays in place where I need it.
The only thing that it needs is an extra tightening screw for the head so it stays firmly in place when you twist it to shine where you want. I found that it would not stay where I wanted it to and adjusted the arm to accommodate.

It would be even better if it came in other colours, as blac…

Seeing the Light

Meet Madison.
She's coming my way to show me the light at the end of my blurry tunnel.
I'll be reviewing this lamp very soon thanks to Buyster Lighting.
They have a huge range of lighting ranging from various lamps, ceiling fans, downlights, and wall lights. It would be a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend.

It is very important for sewers and crafters to have the right lighting.
Especially when I (use to) have time in the evening to sew. I can't tell you how much I need this lamp. Those free bulbs we have just aren't bright enough and I have to squint to see the needle.

Speaking of lights at the end of tunnels I have decided that instead of pencil cases, I would make Nintendo DS cases for my nieces and nephews. These game devices seem to be the third arm they are always carrying around and they are always being misplaced.

Must go browse for fabric, methinks there'll be some extra for a giveaway next post.

Plans for Xmas

Gratuitous babyphoto. I noticed little curly eyelashes this week. Are you all busy preparing for Christmas yet? I know that if I don't start now I will be doing late night shopping and last minute things. So far my head is just a jumbled list of "little projects that could" This year I have decided to make pencil cases for the young kids. Last year it was pencil colour rolls. I might even get around to making some coin pursesand Amy Butler bags. It means I should gather up supplies and scrummy fabric. Little Miss decided she wanted a little red riding hood so that's added to the list. Litte Boy has no idea about Christmas yet but we'll get around to something for him.

The little koala is just loving being snuggled in this easy to make sling. All you really need are medium or large size sling rings and about 2metres of fabric. Sew up one end into the pair of rings and voila, the most comfy sling for bub and mum. Stay tuned. A little birdie told me there's a giveaway com…